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2 year old lab, to old to train???

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When is the ideal age to start training my lab.

Brought home a 7 week old chocolate lab. Dog has been great, I have had him for one week and he pretty much has the house training down already. I have been playing fetch with him lately and he is already retrieving sticks to hand. When shall I start on birds? Or if anyone knows a professional trainer in Michigan, or a way to somehow find one please let me know. I am excited to get him going just to see what he is capable at such a young age.

I haven't shot around the pup yet, but it seems he is surprised by loud noises, for example a vacuum cleaner. Is there any way I can get him used to loud noises so as not to frighten him when i take him out using a shot gun?

Can't wait to get him out there!

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2 year old lab, to old to train???

I gave my son a cap gun (he spends all day with the dog) and about 5000 caps. Dog doesnt even flinch.

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2 year old lab, to old to train???

I start pups at 49 days like old timer I am. BUT see no reason why,if dog has OB training, you can't start at beginning and go from there. might never be a FT champ but for ducks and upland I'd give it a try esp since you are already attached to the dog.Heck- maybe it's been waiting 2yrs for you to start. get some birds and see it's reaction and go from there.
I like to get a pup in Dec so I can get all the house/ob/ bonding issues out of way before spring- then when weather turns- we're out de door- I use Wolter's plan old but good- mix in some Tri tronics/Dobbs-Astrong dose Of Mike Stewart/Milner/Barlow and then in late May Intro to water and in June or so I take them out to GF for bird intro- They go fishing with me all the time and we work on boat /dekes/etc when fishing is slow.I have a small farm and near by ponds- being retired gives me lots of time to work them- last night we were working on one of our Duck Boats and they wanted in- heck it's theirs as much as mine.Plan works well and pup can hunt ducks/ upland at 9mos in fall-
As for play toys--only one my dogs ever have is a KONG-it's theirs and i never try to get them to give it to me nor take it from them BUT no throwing sticks- no frizbies- no play crapola- affection yes- and oh yea- I would never subject any Hunting dog of mine to wearing a BANDANA! NEVER!

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