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2 Year Old Golden Retriever for Adoption

Shadow can be a great Bird Dog
I am the foster parent for Shadow, a beautiful 2-year old male Golden Retriever. He is a sturdy, strong and well-proportioned dog. Shadow's golden-colored coat is feathered, medium-length and gorgeous. Standing 24" tall and weighing 80 lbs. of lean muscle, Shadow is ready for any challenge!

We believe Shadow would make a fine bird dog on both land and in the water. He has an excellent nose and keen eyesight. Shadow has shown natural instincts to flush and point. Because of his great desire to please and capacity for love and learning Shadow would be a great choice for both a loyal family and champion hunting dog.

Healthy, happy dog
Shadow is first and foremost a family companion dog. He loves people of all ages.

Shadow is a high energy Golden Retriever that needs to be taken on a daily, brisk long walks, jogs or runs alongside you when you bicycle. In addition, he likes to retrieve balls and other toys, play, swim and be part of the action.

Shadow has also been on a strict twice daily diet of California Natural Herring Blend with occasional fish or chicken supplemented, he is in tip-top shape with no health, hip or other issues.

How to adopt Shadow
Shadow was rescued from a shelter by As Good as Gold who takes in any and all needy golden retrievers in Northern Illinois. He was placed in our foster care in May 2007. Shadow is awaiting placement into a forever home.

For information on AGaG's Adoption Policy and other programs, visit the As Good as Gold website.

You can also visit Shadow's web page for photos and more information.

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