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2 Deadly shootings.....

Man, didn't see anything posted on these, but both "local" to me, and one even hit close to home.  The Vermont one, the first guy who was shot accidentaly and died, turns out he was on another site of mine that was a northeastern forum.  He had just commented 2 days before he got shot about my Dad's deer, saying congrats.  Ironically enough, he said about 3 weeks ago in another thread about a hunter getting shot, that everyone should know their target, and not shoot at movement.  Truly tragic.


The second one happened just up the road from me, and involved 2 14 year old boys.  It happened in a town called Idyllwild, where my mother in law lives, and we were there Thursday.  This happened on Friday.  Also very tragic.  Apparantly it was an apprentice hunt, and one of the boys shot the deer.  The Dad told them to stay put while he went to the truck to get some cleaning tools.  The boys decided to go after the deer, which jumped up and tried to run.  One boy fired at the dee, and they believe the other boy had stepped in front of the first boy and was shot at close range.




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Both terrible stories. I

Both terrible stories. I still get nervous if my 19 year old son or 22 year old daughter go out alone. They are both very careful but it still makes me worry. 


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