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1st trip of archery season. some great, some bad!

I'm a positive person for the most part and there was plenty of good experiences on this trip but I'll start with the few bads and finish strong with the good/great. Some of you might remember seeing my earlier post about my father/son 1st hunt etc. Well that didn't happen yet for a few different reasons but that is another story. {ex-wife Evil! }. And another post about the "buddy" that hunts unit 85 and invited me to archery hunt this year and was the reason behind me purchasing an archery tag instead of rifle tag. well lets just say some guys talk and some guys walk. i call them "blow hards" but there are plenty of other names for them. Looks like I'm hunting solo in gmu 681 and got a really late start thanks to all the plan changes. So after the vehicle I bought just for hunting this season overheated at the bottom of Poncha Pass
i arrived in Bonanza at pitch black thirty only to find that i wouldn't be alone at all becuase there were plenty of campers, dirt bikes, atv's, and other weekend warriors all over the place just waiting to keep me company. I love holliday weekends. After i discovered my pre-chosen campsite was now a party spot as was my other scouted spots I just through up a camp like everyone else.
Which by the way is a lot of fun by your self at 10:30pm. And now the good. I was in the mountains looking for elk! That is enough by itself to make all the other crap go away. The first ridge i chose to climb was steep as hell and it kicked my arss but i loved every minute of it. so did the juvenile black bear that i watched bust some mulees beded down . I found plenty of good signs all weekend, a few mulee sheds, and the pressure did force me further into the woods than on my scouting trip and that can only be good for my chances of seeing more elk even though i didn't see any this trip but i still had a great time and it was pretty nice experiencing it on my own. Can't wait till next weekend.

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Thanks for sharing. I too have had a simialr experience this past 2 weeks of archery season. Long hikes and lots of sign but no sightings of any elk. We have found quite a few sheds and a few spikes that didnt make it through the winter.

There were lots of people in the woods this weekend here also. Seems like most of them were not hunters though. My brother and I also saw a small black bear working the ridge but he was too small to shoot.

As the cooler weather moves in the season should start getting better here in colorado soon. The muzzy hunters will have them stirred up next weekend for sure.

Good luck with your futrure hunts I can't wait to get back out in the woods.

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Sounds just like my weekend. I quess sharing the woods is a part of it but some people could be more respectful in areas that they know their are hunters in the woods. A group of guys shot off hundreds of rounds all morning. it seemed like it took miles until i couldn't here the shots. And they were just shooting small caliber. Any bugles yet? A local said that he had seen bulls chasing but hadn't heard any bugles yet in my area. Another said that the rut started late last year. Hope we get some colder weather by the end of sept. Good luck.

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