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1st time CO Elk Hunt

Hey all,


I'll be heading out to SW or S CO this fall for my first elk hunt. I was hoping someone could help me with some info on a few areas I'm looking to head to. I'm not asking for a spot, just looking for some local perspective on some areas I've looked in to. Any other helpful tips would be great, real excited for this adventure!



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Are you a resident of

Are you a resident of Colorado or a non resident? 

I would start by calling the hunt planner that is listed on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web page.  You could also give the local office in Durango for the CPW a call and talk to the biologest that is assigned to the area that you plan on hunting.  Between those two you should be set hopefully.  

Good luck on your hunt.



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Non resident

I am a nonresident, thanks for the information. I'll give those a call!

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