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1st time antelope hunt. Guided or unguided?

I am starting to plan an antelop hunting trip in Wyoming for next fall (oct-sept, 2009) and I was wondering since this will be my first time hunting out West, if it would be better to go through a guide or or try it on my own? My best friend will be joining me, and he has hunted in New Mexico for elk on several occasions. We are both big deer and bear hunters in our home state of W.V and have been hunting since we were 10 (we are 27 now). The most important thing to us, is that we are successful and have a lot of fun doing it.

Thanks for reading this. All advise/comments is very appreciated.

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1st time antelope hunt. Guided or unguided?

Depends. Guided antelope hunts are fairly reasonable in terms of cost and a guided hunt is easier.

On the other hand their is a certain satisfaction from a DIY hunt. Antelope hunting is not that difficult unguided. You have to put in for an area with lots of public land and then draw.

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1st time antelope hunt. Guided or unguided?

The upside to a guided hunt is having someone who is familar with the hunting area and field judging trophy animals and most of the time having access to private lands.

I would not reccomend spending the money on a guided antelope hunt unless you had a SUPER TAG for antelope. (Arizona,Nevada,New Mexico)

LOTS of public land and good access in a lot of Wyoming for antelope and access to private lands is reasonable.

Wyoming antelope is a fun hunt.

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