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1st Spring Bear hunt

Im new to the site but have been reading the posts for a while now. Im going on my first spring black bear hunt in SE Wyoming. I have a couple spots in mind that I have seen alot of activity in the fall but not sure if Ill be able to get there witht the snow. If anyone has any advise on locating it would be greatly appreciated. In the fall I usually find them at mid elevations where the berrys are abundant.

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Re: 1st Spring Bear hunt

I'd go for the sunny side of a ridge/valley near a water source. That's where it'll warm up first and where things will start growing first. I've been told they like to put dens on the sunny side, too. Bears tend to be sluggish when they first come out of the den, and they've got to get the "plug" out (literally) before they start moving around and eating in earnest. We can bait up here in Alaska, and yet it's common not to get any action at first, even when you know the bears have to be out of their dens. So depending on the environment, they may start on grasses and vegetation to get some roughage at first until the plug comes out. Once that happens and their digestive systems are up and running, their eating habits will be more like what you're used to. Of course, you don't have berries in the spring, but you have bulbs and such sprouting. Bottom line is that you hunt spring bears the same way as fall bears -- through their stomachs. The difference is that in the spring their stomachs are just warming up, vs in the fall when they're gorging as many calories as possible. Figure out what they like to eat in the spring, go there, and be patient. The first scat you'll see will be hard -- like a fist. That's your first sign they're warming up. When you start finding normal bear scat, it's game on.

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