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1st season rifle units 12/13

I am heading out for my first Colorado elk hunt and got drawn for the early rifle season. I have scouted the area around sleepy cat peak and found some good sign, at least I what I interpret as good sign. I know that the season is right around the corner, but I am hoping someone has a little advice or tips for that area that you might share.  I am planning on packing in camp and staying the whole early season. I appreciate the help. Best of luck

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Get to

Salt Park!! Yes

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Thanks for the reply. Where

Thanks for the reply. Where about is that at? I am not from the area.

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Send me a PM and we can talk.

Send me a PM and we can talk. Jsut got done hunting the area during ML season but during rifle season the area will be a zoo especially around Sleepy Cat. Also the Aspen leaves are really starting to fall so walking the area is really tough through all the crispy corn flakes.