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1st season Rifle elk is over(CO)

Well, after the 5 day season I was unable to harvest an elk. We seen a few and came close but a shot was never presented.

Sleeping in tents at 10,000ft was doable but I may think twice about it next year.  The 1st night was down into the high 20s and was chilly sleeping.  It makes it hard to get up out of that bag in the morning. 

Monday morning we woke up to a thunder and lightning storm which dumped 2" of snow on us. Firewood was all wet and ran out of propane.  We managed to hunt 3/4 of the day and headed back to Denver to shower and regroup.  Yesterday we were walking into our spot by 5:30am when we stopped by a screaming bull less than 100yards.  We sat till sunrise and never seen or heard from him again.

Overall it was a great hunt with tons of laughs and meeting of a few new hunters. We managed to find a new"Honeyhole" in the process.  Not too bad for our 1st time hunting elk in CO.

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that's rough

But at least you got into elk and had a good time

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I know the feeling...

Last year I went through the same situation. Congrats on being out there and getting into elk. There is always next year!

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The only safe (sort of)

The only safe (sort of) seasons at that altitude are archery and muzzleloader. You would have been safer with a lower camp. This has been a warmer year too. You could have been buried.

I couldn't hunt anymore. My season was ML season, but I did go out to scout. I saw a lot more elk than during ML season. I'll be checking out 2nd and 3rd season too.

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The problem was it would be

The problem was it would be 20 degrees in the morning and 60 by lunch time. I was hunting  Archery season in my underwear. I think next season I will try again for Muzzleloader season, although I doubt I will get drown with only 1 bonus point.

I can only imagine how much pressure the OTC units get during second season elk and 2nd season deer combined this weekend.

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Sorry that you came up empty,

Sorry that you came up empty, but it sounds like you had a great time!  I am hoping for a good experience next year.  I think I would think twice too about camping at 10,000 feet in October.  But, on a side note, I think it'd be really cool to see thunder-snow.

Hopefully you can get back there next year and check out that new honey hole you have found.  Maybe have a a couple of elk on the ground at that time!

Congrats on a fun hunt!

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Sounds like you gave it

Sounds like you gave it pretty good go.  It's always fun to get into the elk even if you don't end up getting a shot or knocking one down.

I gotta say, you've got more gumption that I do.  I don't think I'd plan a tent camp for rifle seasons, even first rifle, unless is was a large canvas tent or something similar.  I usually like to hunt areas closer to town so I can stay in a hotel, but this year we've ventured out further and have been using a borrowed camper.  And the camper can get really cold too!  Anyway, good on you for going for it.

Next season is only about 360 days away, if you're counting.

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I am counting, but I have

I am counting, but I have less than 360 days. I just need to get to Sept 8th 2012.

I'm going to plan more hunting for next year. ML season for either sex elk, 2nd rifle buck, private land does, private land elk (5mo season)

Hopefully, i'll need another freezer. Big smile

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  I was right there with you


I was right there with you - figuratively that is.  I was at 9600 feet but was using a 4 seasons tent.  The mornings were brisk to say the least - around 25 to 30 degrees.  The daytime was nice with all around 60's.  After 3 days I left and went down to 8600 feet... and a nice warm hotel room!

Sorry you didn't get to fill your tag but glad you had a great time.  And finding a new "honeyhole" is a definite plus.



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My plans are to camp next

My plans are to camp next year. Is 25-30 degrees really that hard to take? I was thinking it would have to be colder than that to be too bad.

Are you sure it wasn't colder? It's been in the 20's in the morning here in town at 8000ft lately.

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Remington, welcome to the

Remington, welcome to the crazy life of an elk hunter. Never as easy as those TV shows make it out to be. Sounds to me like you had a good hunt even without getting an elk. Seeing elk on your first hunt is great and what you learned will go a long way in future hunts. ONly suggestion for you is to invest in a good sleeping bag that will keep you warm to at least zero and you should be much better off next year.   

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