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1st Season GMU 14 Colorado

Well this is my first post.  Not a new guy to forums but New to this one.  I am heading out Thursday from Fort Collins CO with my son, dad, and girlfriend.  It will only be my girlfriend and I hunting as my son is 11 and this will be his last year without a rifle in his hand.  My dad is along to be camp cook as he and I already went Archery hunting earlier this year where we had fun with a 6x6.  This is going to be my girlfriends first elk hunt with a rifle in her hands.  We been out shooting and getting her accustom to shooting her Browning 30.06 at 200yrs.  I usually hunt unit 161 in the late 4th season. But we put in for first rifle cow tags in Unit 14 as several years ago I had great success in getting two bulls there.  My plan is to hunt around Farwell mountain.  I usually get away from the roads and people by going the extra mile.  I am trying to get info on Weather conditions these past couple days up there.  Did Farwell Mtn. get any snow or rain?  Also is there any access to getting an animal out of the bottom on the South or West side of the mountain? Are the elk still buggling up that way?  Thanks


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Not sure about 14, but I

Not sure about 14, but I hunted 16 during archery season which is right next door and it was very warm there.  I was there the last week of the season and it did appear that is had rained in some time.  Very dry and hot.  I heard one faint bugle the last day I was there.  As warm as it was and still is they may just beginning to rut.  Hope you have a great time....good luck and be safe.

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That is close to steamboat

That is close to steamboat lake and there must be a weather reporting station up there, because you can follow the weather reports for steamboat lake park on weather.com.  I assume the weather would apply to Farwell, pretty closely.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for the website. 

Thanks for the website.  Looks like they have received a little bit of rain/snow and is forcasted to get a little more early next week. 

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unit 14

3 of my hunting party hunted area 14 on opening weekend of archery season. All 3 saw bulls, a couple with cows within 50-75 yds. not close enough for a sharp stick. They were right across the street from unit 15. Not sure if that is near Farwell Mtn. but I will find out. They did say it was extra hot and dry, but there was enough water and wallows to keep the elk in the open for a while.

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