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1st goat hunt

I've been thinking on trying a goat hunt. I've read that you can do unguided hunts in Colorado if you're lucky enough to get drawn.
I'm looking for a relatively economical way to hunt them, but also looking for best chances of being drawn and best state to apply for. I am planning another African hunt so I don't want to allocate high dollars elsewhere if drawn.
Any help or advice would be great.

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1st goat hunt

For Colorado Goat you will need to start building your preference points up. The deadline is around the first of April each year. Plan on spending at least 10 years applying before you will have a good chance of drawing a tag, maybe a few more years than that.

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1st goat hunt

There are several states out here in the WEST that offer good MT Goats start building those points and applying for tags.

You got to be in it to win it.

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1st goat hunt

You want a trophy goat, Look to Nevada. No joke! However, like every other state in the west you may be 135 years-old before you draw one!!

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1st goat hunt

Idaho currently is not on a point system. Everyone starts on equal footing each year. There has been a limit to the percentage of non-res tags they allow drawn. You have to buy a license, an applic fee, and buy the tag to be in the draw (on the lifetime species). If you don't get drawn they send you back the $ for your tag, your applic fee is used up, but you get to keep your hunting license.

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