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1894 Winchester Lever Action Conversion to 35 Remington

What caliber in of the famed Winchester model 1894 would be a good candidate for the a conversion to 35 Remington.  I would assume it needs to be a caliber close to the 35.  Maybe a 32 Win. Special.  I am not sure if a custom barrel would be needed or if a barrel such as the 32 Win Special could be recut to the larger caliber.

A 30-30 action itself would just need a little work I think to be converted to 35 Rem.   

I know that Marlin makes a great 35 Remington lever gun as I have one and would never part with it (50's model that was my dad's and his dad before him).  But... I have always thought the 1894 just feels a little better in my hand.  Plus I just think it would be cool if it could be done.  I have never heard that it has been done or if it could be done. 

Just want to hear from anyone with experience on how this can be done.  Thanks


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Your first and biggest

Your first and biggest problem is that the 1894 Winchesters action will not work with a rimless case such as the .35 Remington and I doubt that it could be modified to work that along with the lifters for the rifle are shell specific.  So by the time that you found a gunsmith that would take on the project and ended up with a finished product you would be way better off by just buying a Marlin and have extra money still in the bank. 

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Thanks Critter

Thanks for the info.  I did not know that due to the rimless case of the 35 Remington that it would not work. 

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It probably could be done by

It probably could be done by someone who is a competent machinist; however the conversion won't be simple and the cost most likely high.

If you simply like 35 caliber levers and want a winchester, you might look for a used model 88 in 358 Winchester.