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17 HMR for coyote?

Anyone have experience with the .17hmr hunting coyote?
I was speaking with someone earlier, and he felt the hmr was addequate.
I tend to believe it's a little small/light.
Any input?

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17 HMR for coyote?

if you limit your shots to 100yrds and under they are fine without hitting bone, other then that it isnt that good for coyote's.

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17 HMR for coyote?

A 17 or 20 grain bullet is too light in my opinion. The reason is that with higher velocities, more weight is required to maintain stability, regardless of calibre, so I am not picking on the little .17 for any particular reason.
It was just a bad mistake from the start

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Too light

I tried the .17 HMR and never killed one. I crippled a couple and gave up on the little bullet. Most of my shots were 100-150.

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17 HMR for coyote?

I've not hunted coyotes with a 17hmr. However I think the 17gr ballistic tips are too frangile. If I used an 17hmr, I would go with either the 20gr CCI FMJ or the Hornady 20grain HP XTP bullet. A bit heavier and harder.

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17 HMR for coyote?

Dad shot one full of puppies 3 times last weekend all in the vitals....but she kept going like the energizer bunny....LOL...then....my .300 Winnie Mg screamed alive and cut her in two...didnt even wanna bother with pics....nothing left to take pics of...lol

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17 HMR for coyote?

Not too small if you don't want to find them. They're going to run a ways almost every time. Coyotes are tough. I tried mine on one and hit him square in the chest and I never found him. I'm sure he eventually died but that doesn't do me any good. My farts weigh more than 17 grains. You can't expect that small of a bullet to drop a coyote.

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17 HMR for coyote?

I have seen my dad shoot two coyotes with the .17 HMR shooting 17 grain ballistic tips. One jumped straight up about 4 feet and hit the ground dead, the other hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Neither shot was past 60 or so yards, though, and both were 'boiler room' shots.

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17 HMR for coyote?

Thats interesting, a .17 killing coyote. I have .22lr so maybe I should go looking for yotes.

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17 HMR for coyote?

i got a 17 HMR and it drops the coyots dead in there tracks but you go tto shoot them in the head. thats the luck i have had i have got three with mine.

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17 HMR for coyote?

I hit a bobcat at eighty yards right square in the chest frontal shot with the 20grain FMJ's and it leapt straight up into the air about three or four feet turned and was gone like lightning. I looked for a blood trail and zigzagged that ground for a good while and didn't find anything. I love my 17 and would shoot at a yote out to a hundred if I had a good head or boiler room shot while bunny hunting, but if I am specifically hunting yotes I am grabbing my 243 for anchoring ability.


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