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.17 HMR ammo consideration

I have a Savage 93R17-FVSS, with a cheap Bushnell Sportsman 3-9x32 silver scope, and a Versa-bipod and shoulder strap. I bought this rifle with the heavier stainless barrel for two purposes: accurate low/mid-range shooting and dispensing of varmints.

I have shot Hornady and CCI ammo through this rifle. From everything I have read, Federal and Remington ammo will not do any better than Hornady or CCI in any grain weight or bullet profile. I mainly have stuck with 20-grain hollow points from CCI and Hornady, but I prefer the accuracy of the 17-grain Hornady V-MAXs... now onto my question...

I have burnt up my internet connection trying to find someone, ANYONE, who has bought and shot the CCI 20-grain FMJ and had a decent performance report about it. The closest I came was a post on a different website, which wasn't too helpfull because he said he got 0.8" groups @ 100 yds. Well, that's all well and dandy, but I want to know what this round will do beyond 100 yds when it comes to hunting.

Squirrels, rabbits, or anything larger, I guess I am looking for at least somebody here that can contest to what the CCI FMJ round has to PRACTICALLY offer, besides piercing body armor (not interested in that). Any yardage/animal/kill stories on any type of varmint would be interesting information. I ask this because Cabela's claimed a coyote can be dropped with a .17 HMR, but did not specify ammo. I want to know if CCI's full metal jacket will hold up to the task in this department.

And I know, a .223, or .204 Ruger, or .243 or .22-250 would be a better suited weapon for this (especially for a slightly off-sighted target) but I am interested in the accuracy of the HMR and looking for the "snipe" caracteristics of the FMJ on varmints (or lack thereof). Any feedback on this particular loading would be helpful, thanks.

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.17 HMR ammo consideration

Mentioned on one of the threads in this forum I talk about hitting a bobcat in the chest at eighty yards with the 20 gr. FMJ. He lept what looked like three ft straight up into the air turned and was gone like lightning. I couldn't find any blood or sign and lost him. I have hit many Jackrabbits with the 17 gr Winchester and Federal V-Max with pretty devastating effect from fifty to 150 yards.

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