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16B New Mexico Fire Condition in 2013

Can anyone comment on the effect of the Whitewater Baldy fire that burned through Unit 16B and Unit 22 last year?

How are the elk numbers in 2013?

My two sons who are 15 and 17 drew the first week of the 16B rifle hunt this year and I'd love to get some information and a few tips on where to start scouting/hunting. We live five hours away so we need to use our time wisely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Of course I was lucky enough to draw unit 45 for elk but the hunt in the same week. I guess we will be headed to 16B because I hear it can be amazing!

Thanks in advance.


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There are a couple of members

There are a couple of members here on the forum from New Mexico so when they see this they should respond.

In the mean time and if you don't hear anything I would say get out and check it out. You will find that when a fire goes through a area that it doesn't burn every tree and bush on the mountain but leaves little islands of green. That along with the new grasses and bushes that spring up after a fire make it a elk haven, they just love it. I have even see elk laying in the black ashes of a fire that has passed the day before and then after a fresh rain and the new grass starts to grow they move into the burn area in mass for the fresh green grass.

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A few months ago I had the

A few months ago I had the opportunity to speak to a NM wildlife biologist and he said the elk herd in the Gila is doing fine. The fire was closer to units 22 and 16A.

About hunting 16B, good but tough. It is all wilderness so if you want to see elk, you have some walking to do. Horses would be great if you have access to any.

I hunted 16B solo a couple of years ago. I walked alot and I did see elk. I was just not able to connect. I should have a post smewhere in the forum about that hunt.

Let me know if you need any further info.

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Here are a couple pictures

Here are a couple pictures from another website that really show where the fire hit:


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Many thanks!

That map on Monster Muley's really helped!

I'll definitely be getting down there later this summer to check it out. I don't mind the walking .... the packing is a different story. Last one I shot was eight miles back in the Pecos Wilderness. Poor mans hunt and no horses. Great stories though. Besides. I've got two teenages who need a work out!

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