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16B Elk Archery Hunt. 1-9 Sept. Anyone know something about this one?

I drew this unit for archery and have never hunted there. I put in on a friends tag. He didn't draw but I did and he is going to be gone for the hunt now so Iv'e got ne idea what's going on in there.

Can anyone give me some pointers on where to look and what to expect?

I'm pretty new to hunting. I am in the Army and shoot quite a bit but the only thing I ever hunted was rabits as a kid and bad guys as a soldier.

Thanks in advance.

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We outfit in that unit, it's

We outfit in that unit, it's a tough unit and you will need to get back about 10 miles to get into the big bulls. If you are looking for a guided hunt PM me for details.



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I hunted that unit last year

I hunted that unit last year during the second elk rifle hunt. I was tough but I did see some elk. Mostly cows and a spike bull.

Good luck!!!

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