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16A 2nd Elk Bow Hunt and 2A Jan Deer Hunt

I drew 16A for the second hunt. This is my first time at 16A and would welcome any advice. I am hunting alone and would entertain hunting with someone else who has the same tag. This is actually my first elk hunt but have a lot of experience bow hunting whitetails, I just moved to NM from Texas. I also drew a 2A January bow hunt.


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First off welcome to New

First off welcome to New Mexico. 

2A for deer in Jan. it will be very cold and snow on the ground.  hope all the deer haven't moved in to 2B yet. 

For 16A that should be a fun hunt if you can get away from the road.  being the first hunt try and find water.  i would hunt the northern part of the unit.  try and find some canyons and the elk should be there.  Nice elk come out every year in the unit 16's. Hope it cools down some they might make calls but i would count on it. 

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