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160gr Accubonds???

I am going deer hunting this year and possibly Elk hunting (hopefully), and I would like to know if this bullet will be a good bullet to use for whitetails and Elk (I reload).
Thanks for any help.

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

Yes, it will be plenty for both. Thumbs up

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

I've taken several mule deer and wild hogs with 180gr winchester supreme Accubonds using my 300WSM and they lay the hammer on them animals. Hammer

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

Yes the 160gr Accubond in a 7mm mag is a great choice for deer and elk.

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

The 3 yr old bull i hit last year definitely didnt like how it felt when i sent one of them through offside shoulder from my 7wsm at 150yds.

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

Accubonds are good bullets. A buddy of mine uses them quite a bit in his .300 Win Mag, with the 200 grainer. Last year he took antelope and elk with them, this year he plans to use them on mountain goats as well. 160 grain 7mms have good sectional denisty and in the Accubond will work well for you on nearly anything.

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

You cant go wrong with the Accu Bond. I shoot those out of both my 270 wsm and 325 wsm and have had great results.

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

I'll pile on.
Good choice for a 7mmRM.

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

I would agree with the others comments. Although I've not hunted yet with the 160's I just started loading them this year and I have them dialed in for my 7mm Rem Mag. Personally I chose to Moly coat them and have seen some beneficial changes in overall performance. Not everyone is a fan of Moly, but for me it's proven effective. Good bullet and not bad accuracy for a hunting load. Good luck! Yes

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Re: 160gr Accubonds???

I shoot 140 grain accubond out of my 280 remington. last year I had no problem killing a buck at 260 yards and a cow at 420 yards. both dropped in their tracks.

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