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152b starkey exp forest!(oregon)

is there any body out there that has hunted in the starky exp forest in oregon for deer or elk ? if so did you fill your tag and what did you see as far as deer go any info will help i have a deer tag in there this year!hope to get a nice buck thanks!

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On drawing that tag, thats a tough one, there is some monsters in there man, i dont mean to overexaggerate at all, and i would hype it up if it wasnt true, there is some reall toads in there, i have hunter in there and it is a very fun experience i was there in the snow and bagged a cow (cow hunt), each morning we would head to the little meeting center (you will know what im talking about) and they would post on the board where the elk were a few hours ago, every few hour snomobilers ride around the fence to get all the animals off hte fence cause you cannot hunt within like 500 yards

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