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bigger ,better

Buckykm--I guess the point would be that i woulld go to a quality unit that could potentially produce as big as they get..then I would scout and hunt hard,passing things up that I might not shoot otherwise.Then depending on weather,did i pull my muscle,or whatever i would wheigh the desision to take a 150 looking deer which is a nice one in every right,but you know that I probably wouldnt shoot the first one that came out..so.It is hard to answer.It is not just about score for me,as I have had my chances but failed,like big 5x5 that arrow tickled chest hairs.giant in colorado 20 years ago that still gives me nighmares,he was just too smart for me that day.It is time for me to take my chances,win or lose..Just huntin will be a winner,,..thanks JC

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JC---See my Email to you for a

JC---See my Email to you for a suggestion!

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