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13 Ways to an Unsuccessful Hunt (feature article)

June 2009 Feature Article:

13 Ways to an Unsuccessful Hunt

We have all read articles and watched TV shows that have shown us how to do certain things to have a successful hunt. But how did the people that were handing out all that advice come to have such knowledge? All of us have been handed information in various forms on how to be successful, whether it was from our elders, television, articles, books or other sources and the information that any of us have learned at some point or another, has come from trial and error. It is those "hard lessons learned" that make us better hunters, and it is those hard lessons that are often remembered the longest, due to the fact that we dwell on those missed opportunities longer than thinking about what we did correctly for a successful hunt. We think about what went wrong, why it went wrong and what to do so it doesn't happen again, well at least I know I do. Read more...

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