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13 Preference Points

I'm considering putting in for a CO mule deer tag next year. I've accumulated 13 pts. I'm trying to figure out what unit to apply for. Also being an easterner I don't know if I can DIY or if I should just suck it up and hire an outfitter. And they seem to want a pile of cash as it's a "trophy hunt". I suppose that decision would depend on how access is to whatever unit I tried for.
Any thoughts?

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13 points isn't really going

13 points isn't really going to get you into a good trophy unit being a non resident. The unit that I am hunting right now takes 12 resident points and a non resident that I talked to yesterday said that it took 17 to draw. You also didn't say if you are a bow hunter, archery season is a little bit easier to draw than a late rife hunt.

What units have you looked at or is everything still up in the air?

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If I was going to pony up for

If I was going to pony up for an outfitter, I would try to find one with landowner vouchers. Continue to build preference points and use the landowner voucher to get your tag whenever. Then you could get two high-quality Colorado hunts out of the situation. If you can afford to do it, that would be the way to do it. Just my .00002 cents.

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