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12 gauge enough for coyotes?

Hey guys, fall and winter is right around the corner, and from what i've read thats when a coyotes fur is its thickest, so what do yall think, is a 12 gauge 3 in. shotgun enough, impoved choke, ventlelated barrel. My dads freind used it in a turkey shoot and won 6 times. So it must hold good patterns. If so what would be the range, as for ammo how about the hevi-shot dead coyote, is it worth 32.99 for 10 shells. Thanks.

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12 gauge enough for coyotes?

12 ga. would be plenty. Couple problems though, 1. they will have to be fairly close. I don't know what the range would be, but I can't imagine it would be more than 40 - 50 yds. 2. If you are shooting them for the pelt the pelt will get messed up. 3. That ammo sounds a bit expensive.

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12's Fine

12 gauge has plenty of power to do the job. I use buckshot and it is pretty cheap. I only shoot them with a shotgun if they are within 20 yds and will generally do a head shot so the pelt is not damaged.

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