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11pt. monster scouting cam pic

How you making out with this big guy? When does your archery season end? I missed a giant that looked like that big boys cousin this morning....he busted me before I could draw and he snorted and darted 20 yds. out and stopped...I shot and it deflected off a sapling and a foot over his back and he was gone! These big boys are tough! Good luck! Thumbs up

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11pt. monster scouting cam pic

went out today seen hunted all day seen 4 younger bucks. im goin out again tomorrow will keep ya posted if i nail the big boy. i use the moultrie deer cam works fine for me. the flash takes longer than a cuddeback to trigger but as long as their is food in front of the line of view they will get the pics you need. i guess you get what you pay for more ya spend the better quality and options you get mine was like 130.00. see ya ll goin to bed wakin early Big smile

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