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Its there choice

The argument of taking long shot at game animals with a rifle is the same as primitive archers scoffing at the compound bow shooters and the compound bow shooters scoffing at the crossbow crowd.  Long range hunting is in fact hunting.  Just a different form of it.  You still glass, work the wind, harvest and animal, field dress the animal, and puch a tag.

My only thing with LRH is that the folks doing it owe it to themselves first and the animal second that they know there weapon, understand external ballistics, terminal ballistics, and excersise self control.  I can ring steel at 600yds with my 7mm-08, but whne I go to wyoming this fall, I am going to limit myself to a 400yd max shot.

Todays bullets and calibers are more than sufficient enough to ethically kill a game animal at long ranges. Its up to the shooter to know his limitations...



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I have seen that show too.  I

I have seen that show too.  I have killed a antelope at 600 yards on the last day of my hunt 11 years ago and to this day it is the only antelope i have killed.  I have shot some Coyotes at 1100 and 1250 yards with my 6.5x284.  not showing off just where i live you don't get close shots often..  most shoots are 500 or more yards.  you learn to take what you and can get and learn to shoot longs or don't shoot at all.   you got to learn to shoot before you can hunt.  otherwise every one would be out hunting.  shoot straght, shoot often, don't say sorry to no one!!!!!

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