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100 pound draw??

Hulk Hogan huh? Thumbs up Do you have his fathers phone number ??neener! Hey Redrider, thanks for the link! Right now I shoot a Bowtech Pro 40 with a 32" draw set at about #72. I took my bow down to the local pro shop for some help, spoke with them and they were of the attitude "if you can pull it, shoot it" i'm a really big guy, so i wondered..... Joker

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100 pound draw??

There was an archery shop owner in bear camp that had a hundred pound bow. He shot instinctively with no sights. He explained that he needed the heavy bow because he was a trophy hunter and often had to make long shots.

They were practicing by casting out lures into the lake and shooting them. He was an excellent shot at long distances. Ironically, he missed a bear at 15 yards.

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100 pound draw??

Tom Miranda used a 90 lb draw when he hunted for Cape buffalo and Muskox, but that is the highest I've heard of. I think it was a Mathews

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100 pound draw??

In actuality. A 100 lb. compound with a 70% let off would only be a 30 lb. hold. A piece of cake for most of us archers but quite the challenge to get it back to let off.
Curiously, what is a 100 lb. bow used for. My 67# hybrid recurve with 44 ft/lbs will bring down anything on this continent.

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100 pound draw??

Never heard of one till now.

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100 lbs compound bow

ckamanao wrote:
Now this question may seem absurd to alot of the veterens of the sport but: Is there a company that makes a bow with a 100 pound draw? I'm very new to bow hunting but i'd like to know.


i have got a 100 lbs compound bow: it's the mathews safari custom II (from 2004); i have been shooting this bow since 2004 because i love heavy bows; i have no problem pulling it and i regret strongly that nowadays bows only go up to 80 lbs...

have a look back to the middle ages, warbow-archers handled longbows up to 140 lbs then!


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I have no idea why anyone

I have no idea why anyone would want a 100lbs bow. My bow set at 70lbs will kill anything on this planet with the proper shot placement. To me a 100lbs draw bow is like a rifle hunter using a tank to hunt deer. It's just absurd.

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with a 50 hp-car you can get

with a 50 hp-car you can get anywhere, but why are there 700 hp-lamborghinis???

right, because it is fun! Big smile

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