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$10 off already discounted Leatherman Wave

I hope this is the right place to put this, my brother stumbled on to a coupon code for the following website:

code = WAVE10

it will get you $10 off Leatherman waves (when I checked most waves were already about 25% off retail)

so i did some digging and found a couple more coupons for the same site, here they are with descriptions:

RPSFS0108 = free shipping on everything ( I think everything)
MULTITOOL5 = $5 off all multitools

not sure if the coupons are combinable.


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$10 off already discounted Leatherman Wave

Yeah, I have heard about that. I bought the new leatherman wave 3 weeks ago. I have used it for fishing, but now I can't wait to get out there in the woods and use it for some work preping for the stand, and field dressing.

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Thanks Rifleman, I have used

Thanks Rifleman, I have used this website now and found it really useful for me. Thanks for sharing.

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