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08 Black Bear Hunt Pic's

I nailed this whopper at 40yrds with my 75 lb bow with Gold Tip Arrow's and Muzzy Broadheads. It ran only 80 yrds down into a marsh. Hanging it was 175lbs so me and other's think it must have been like 250lbs alive. It took 4 guy's to haul this thing out of the thick swampland it ran into. When I made the shot the bear was comming into a clearing and I only had a small window to shoot through. As the bear approched the shooting lane I drew back. When the bear reached my sight's I made a quick grunt and stoped it in it's track's. I released the arrow and nailed it right in the money! It was amazing how it all happened.

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08 Black Bear Hunt Pic's

Thumbs up Nice! and w/ a bow. Got alot of skinners der skinning, must all want some of that meat Big smile

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