March 2011

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That would be my luck and I

That would be my luck and I was evenborn on Saint Patty's day.

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"pot o gold" - Ha. I was just

"pot o gold" - Ha. I was just talking to a guy a few weeks ago while we were sitting in a shanty on the ice and we got on the subjects of outhouses. We both related a couple of stories about our own experiences with them (back in the day), and then the subject of names came up. That's right, people often used to give their outhouses a name, so that rather than say they were going to the outhouse, they would say they were going to . . .

My wife's grandparents named theirs, "Mrs. McGillicutty". So they would say that the were going to visit Mrs. McGillicutty.

My friend's grandfather had a hunting camp that had an outhouse named "Moose's Peanut Butter Mansion".

Preety wierd - I guess you would have had to have been there.