December 2010

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GooseHunter Jr's picture

LOL...that is said to me

LOL...that is said to me alot....I always shoot my 10 gauge and I love it...I have seen a few birds alomost end up like that!

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Al and Critter, I

Al and Critter, I guess.

Critter, don't you hunt ducks with a 10 gauge shotgun? That's a lot of gun for duck hunting, but everybody has their favorite guns for their own reasons.  

jaybe's picture

Yeah, especially with that

Yeah, especially with that extra full choke. My first shotgun was a single shot 20 gauge that had such a tight choke on it that when you fired a slug in it, the short forearm piece would pop off in your hand. It was a real old-timer that my dad bought used in 1928. I guess they really wanted some choke in them back then. I compared it to a newer 20 gauge that was also full choke, and my muzzle was considerably smaller than the newer one. It would really "reach out and touch" the rabbits.