Tru-Fire Hurricane Buckle Foldback Bow Release Review

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In a previous blog we took a look at the Tru-Fire Patriot series of releases with good results. While the Patriot is a great release for the money if you're willing to step it up a bit Tru-Fire offers a variety of higher end bow releases. One of Tru-Fire's nicer releases is the Hurricane which is offered in a variety of configurations. For this review we'll take a look at the Hurricane Buckle Foldback release.

If you get tired of having your release head get in the way of using your hand when you're trying to do something other than draw back a bow, the foldback release style is worth trying. The foldback head allows for the trigger mechanism to rotate on a ring that locks it back against your forearm when not in use. Deploying the release is as simple as folding it back into position and you're ready to shoot. The foldback feature is handy and makes for wearing a release constantly while afield a more enjoyable experience.

The release in its "foldback" position. The release head locks
back out of the way against the forearm of the shooter.

Tru-fire Hurricane Buckle Foldback release in the standard position.

The trigger and jaw assembly on the Hurricane is similar to the Patriot in shape but a bit different in function. For instance the trigger assembly does not need to be manually closed, rather on the Hurricane the trigger assembly is spring loaded and is always closed unless directly opened with trigger. This direct action also makes the trigger smoother, although the break over point of precise release is not quite the same as a trigger that is "cocked." The trigger pull weight is adjustable in the same manner as the Patriot.

The trigger assembly is adjustable in and out and is attached
to the connecting rod via a pivoting joint.

The trigger/jaw assembly is similar to the Patriot release.

The release head, like the Patriot, pivots 360 degrees, but unlike the Patriot the head also is on a type of ball joint that allows it to better twist and conform to the bow string and your hand. Additionally the Hurricane's connecting rod length is adjustable in or out up to 1" total simply by rotating the head. This adjustment method makes it easy to fit the release to most shooters hands. Additionally the connecting rod is attached to the strap via a steel ring bound in leather. This allows for the entire metal portion of the release to rotate to get the best fit between the release and your hand.

The retaining strap is made entirely of leather with stitched in padding material on the "hand facing" side of the strap. Leather buckles are a strong, surefire way to keep the release attached to your wrist. At the end of the strap is an elastic band that further retains the leather strap so it may not accidentally pull away and out of the buckle under maximum stress.

The strap is made of leather and is tightened via a buckle.
The elastic band also keeps the buckle from accidentally coming loose.

Overall the Hurricane Buckle Foldback is a well thought out release. Adjustment is straight forward from the length of the connecting rod to getting the right strap length. The release is soft and the trigger assembly is precise. Finally the foldback feature really makes it handy to wear a release all day long without it getting in the way of your hand, such as when trying to silently get in and out of a treestand. While the Hurricane offers a lot more features and is a better overall release than the Patriot, it also comes with a higher price tag of around $60-$70.

For more information visit Tru-Fire.