Sims LimbSaver Kodiak Rifle Sling Review

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Rifle slings are one of those pieces of hunting equipment that often get overlooked. However an inadequate sling becomes readily apparent within just a few hours of packing around. Fortunately there are many options for outfitting a rifle with a new sling and this year LimbSaver added its new Kodiak sling series to the mix.

Like most LimbSaver products, the company has introduced a few new twists with releasing the Kodiak sling. First the sling has a rubberized "NAVCOM" grip that appears to be made of the same soft pliable material that their other firearms and archery products are made of. The grip and the siding of the sling are soft and conform well to the shoulder and hand while holding the sling. The NAVCOM grip also serves as a good "control point" to always have a hold on the rifle while packing on unstable terrain.

The NAVCOM grip is soft and takes some of the edge off packing a rifle for hours.

It's customary that most rifle slings on the market require purchasing or supplying a set of sling swivels separately. LimbSaver includes the sling swivels with the purchase and the swivels are a bit different than is typically seen on the market. The swivels are dubbed "3-D" because the top swivel can rotate 360 degrees around the sling stud, allowing the sling to be flipped over without twisting up the rest of the shoulder strap too much. This makes for an easy way to secure the sling and also allows a bit of flexibility in the top strap that gives the sling a better ability to conform to the contour of your shoulder.

The top swivel is able to rotate 360 degrees allowing the strap to better bend to the shape of your shoulder.

Overall the sling is constructed of a leather body that is plush and the edges are contoured with NAVCOM material making for a soft sling. The raised edging digs in just enough to get traction to prevent or slowdown the side slipping that causes the rifle to slip off your shoulder while walking. The rest of the sling is constructed of nylon webbing making for an overall sturdy but yet soft construction.

The sides of the sling are lined with NAVCOM material that prevents
digging into the shoulder but also prevents side slipping of the firearm.

The interior of sling is made of leather and the NAVCOM material is stitched in.

The Kodiak is priced at roughly $35 per sling which puts it toward the higher end of most hunting slings. However sling swivels, which are not included with most rifle slings, tend to run $9-$10 per set, so factoring in the cost of the swivels the Kodiak is only slightly more expensive than competing slings.

The Kodiak sling is worth checking out if your current sling digs into your shoulder on a long hike or if you're looking for an easier way to grip your sling while moving. The new rotating top swivel head is a nice addition to the sling and should attach to any standard swivel studs on the market today.

For more information visit LimbSaver.


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I now have one of these

I now have one of these slings and it will go on my Model 70 when it comes back from the Gunsmith.

Thank you for the head's up about this sling.



This is a great sling. I

This is a great sling. I bought one a couple of months ago. It's very comfortable, and never slips off my shoulder. Not much more you can ask from a sling.

The only negative I have is it only comes in black. Which is fine for most modern plastic stocks, but i'm old school. I use wood stocks. A brown sling would have been a nice option.

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This is a really good review

This is a really good review and I like the looks of this sling a lot. Like some of the other guys I have gone through many trying to find something I really like. I used the stretchy ones for awhile but gave up on those. Right now I have a Vanguard on my rifle and it worked pretty well and didn't slide around due to it's use of rubber but this really looks like a step up here. The only thing I would mention is that the screw head looks pretty long and if you use a bipod you could have problems with folding the legs up and down. I had that problem with a claw sling and finally quit using it as I use a bipod a lot. My rifle now has two studs, one for the sling and another for the bipod so that does away with this problem completely. I do think i will be looking for one of these new ones though as I have had great results with anything from this brand.

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I am always looking for the

I am always looking for the newest and great slings.  When carrying a .338 win mag around for a few dyas it really starts to weigh you down.  So this sling sounds like just the thing I might be looking for.  I will definetly be getting me mone of these and give it a try.

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  I desparately need a new


I desparately need a new sling!  My current sling is horribly inadequate.  The original purchase of it didn't take into consideration the type of hunting I do now.  The issue I have with my sling is two-fold - it constantly slides off of my shoulder and the stitching is all frayed and coming apart with really not a lot of hard usage.  So I like your description of this LimbSaver and how the edge of it stops or slows down the slipping off of your shoulder.  My question since it was not described is how sturdy does the stitching appear to be?  You can't really tell by the pictures.  The one closeup of the swivel shows a single stitch and I think that may be my problem with the thread that was used.  The other part of this sling I like is the "NAVCOM" grip.  I constantly search for my thumb hole/loop to get a grip on the sling.  It is a pain.  To have this larger rubber type handle to grab onto seems to be a better idea.  Overall another great review that showcased the better features of this sling.  I need a sling badly so maybe something to purchase on this cyber monday?


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Thank you for a great write-up on a sling that I will most likely purchase.

I've been using a Ching Sling on my General Purpose Rifle and while I like it for general use I will most likely put a Limbsaver Sling on my Winchester Model 70 project rifle. After packing my Scout Rifle with a Ching Sling over hill and dale I desired a better sling for carrying and this looks to be the cat's meow.

The Ching Sling is probably better from a shooting standpoint but this sling is obviously better from a carrying standpoint. After a couple of hours with the Ching Sling I'm ready for something a little more comfortable if the rifle isn't in my hands.