Shooters Ridge Rock Mount Bipod Review

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Shooters Ridge makes a variety of accessories for shooting enthusiasts and hunters. Among their long lineup of accessories is a series of bipods that attach to the swivel stud on the forend of any rifle with a rounded stock. For this review we'll take a look at the Rock Mount bipod in 9"-13" adjustable height.

The Rock Mount line of bipods offers pivoting and non-pivoting models. Pivoting means that the bipod can swivel along the axis of the barrel, not from side to side. As we've noted in other bipod reviews (link to vanguard bipod review), being able to pivot or swivel along the axis of the bore allows the shooter to level out the reticle when taking a long shot on an uneven surface. Shooters Ridge offers four different bipods in various heights: 6"-9" (best for bench work), 9"-13" (best for prone shooting), 13.5"-23" (best for kneeling/seated shooting), and 14.5"-29" (for those that just want a taller bipod). All of these lengths are available in either a pivoting model or non-pivoting. Our review model is a non-pivoting 9"-13" model number 40853.

The Shooters Ridge Rock Mount Bipod

The Rock Mount design is very similar to the original Harris Engineering design and features a similar operation. Each leg can be extended separately and set to any length by using the quick lock down lever. Once fully extended, each spring loaded leg can be quickly retracted by pushing the release button.

The feet of the bipod are made of hard rubber and not the best on slick surfaces.
It would be nice to see retractable spiked feet for loose dirt situations as well.

It's worth noting that this bipod will only fit forends that have a typical rounded curvature seen on most hunting rifles. Stocks with a bench rest style flat bottom will not be able to attach to the Rock Mount bipods.

Hand tightening the screw pulls the bipod snug against the rifle stock. Note that a sling can still
be used by looping the sling swivel through the eyelets on the bottom of the stud attachment.

Extending the leg and rotating the clamp allows any leg position to be set.

Each leg has a quick release button and quick clamp lever.

The bipod clamps over a standard sling swivel stud.

Bipods are one of those gun accessories that shooters either love or hate. Most shooters love them because they make for a stable rest nearly anywhere, while some hate them because they add some weight to the forend of the rifle. The Rock Mount bipod is very lightweight and doesn't detract from shooting a rifle from the freehand position. Those that don't like much extra weight, might be surprised with the light weight of the Rock Mount.

The street price on our review model is around $40-$50 while a similar Harris Engineering model is $75-$100. It's important to note that the Rock Mount, while similar, is made overseas while the Harris Engineering models are made in the USA. Certain Harris models also tend to have advanced features such as notched legs that allow the shooter to select between a few predetermined leg lengths rather than having to individually set each leg length with the quick lock down lever.

Overall the Rock Mount is a good economical choice for an entry level bipod. It's lightweight, attaches easily to most hunting rifles, and has a relatively low cost for a bipod. If you're looking for more advanced features or want to support the original design of this genre of bipods, look for a Harris Engineering bipod, but be prepared to spend considerably more.

For more information visit Shooters Ridge.


hunter25's picture

I definately fall into the

I definately fall into the category of hunter that loves the use of a bipod and am rarely seen without one. I have not tried the shooters ridge brand as some one told me they were far inferior to the original Harris brand. After reading the review I'm not so sure and may have to try one out. I could use a couple more as it's a pain to be switching them or trying to share. They look exactly like the Harris in the photos. Although I don't like the extra weight I will always carry it. I agree that there are many times where it is unusable but when you really need it you won't care at all. I killed my bull at 529 yards this year while using a bipod and there is no way I could have taken the shot without one unless I wanted to shoot off hand. And of course that would never happen at that distance.

I think walmart carries some of these so I will have to go look at some soon. I don't think they carry all sizes though so I will ahve to be careful as I like the taller ones. And getting the rotatring feature is the only way to go. They are super useful when antelope hunting also.

Retired2hunt's picture

  A great product review as


A great product review as it not only details the better capabilities of this Shooters Ridge Rock Mount bipod it also provides details of what other aspects may be needed when picking out a bipod - example is the height adjustment based on shooting style or need.  I think I will need a bipod or tripod for some of my planned future hunting - antelope for one.  I am not  fully educated on this accessory but the product review has provided an excellent beginning to my research.

I too think the pivoting model would be most desired in order to allow the best coordination with the rifle scope.  I don't think trying to use your scope's provisions at large distances would be acceptable with a non-pivoting model.  I could be wrong and will further research this aspect.

I picked up a competitor's bipod just this week.  It was very heavy.  I already shoot with a heavier rifle so adding the poundage to the front end of the rifle really does not appeal to me.  Needless to say I returned the bipod back to the shelf.

Overall a great gear review and information on this accessory and other things to look for in a bipod.  Thanks for a great review!



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Thanks for the product review.

Thanks for the product review.  Like Numbnutz, I have considered a bipod periodically, but don’t normally carry one.

There’s no reason to expect that the Shooters Ridge bipods are anything less than they claim them to be.  I would think that a pivoting bipod would be in every way superior to a non-pivoting model.  I'm not sure why anyone would want a non-pivoting bipod.  But I have to admit that I don’t have a lot of experience with bipods.  I have owned a few and done a little shooting from shooting sticks, but most of the hunting that I do is at fairly close range and I have never thought that the disadvantage of carrying more weight is offset by the advantage offered by a system that needs time to set up and deploy before using. 

If the Rock Mount bipod is indeed lightweight and not so cumbersome that it detracts from shooting a rifle Fifty dollars is not an unreasonable retail cost for a system that can deliver more accuracy in your shooting.   This is especially true if you find yourself hunting in an area where you will be sitting fairly stationary and have a potentially long field of fire to shoot in.  If I were going back to eastern Washington State again soon, I might consider adding a bipod, and probably a sling to my gear…..

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I have thaught many times

I have thaught many times about putting a bipod on my rifle. I just haven't. My buddy who I took hunting with me a few years ago had one and it was kind of heavy. That was the only draw back to it. I think it would make for a nice solid rest when trying to shoot at a deer or elk. I like how you can still get a sling on the rifle as well. If I could find a very light weight bipod I would probably get one. I wonder if there are any companies that make a carbon bipod or a light weight metal. Anyways great review thanks for the great information.

Ca_Vermonster's picture

I have always thought about

I have always thought about getting a bipod for my 30-06.  It would fit nicely, and I like the look and functionality.  However, where I hunt out here, it's very brushy, and I need to be at least 3 feet off the ground or so.  Not many chances to prone out.

However, if I take a trip to Colorado next year, I could foresee maybe needing one.  This bipod by Shooters Ridge may be worth a look!