Manzella Hunting Glove Review

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With winter here and the temperature continuing to drop; it's time to bring out the gloves. Manzella of Buffalo New York specializes in only producing gloves for those that spend time outdoors. More importantly, for a few years now, Manzella has been producing a line of gloves that are specifically designed with hunters in mind. While Manzella's glove line up is extensive, we'll be taking a look at a few of their more specialized glove offerings.

Manzella offers a rating system on their gloves that is simply defined as "Warm,""Warmer," and "Warmest." Warm gloves are fairly light and are best for early fall when mornings can be near freezing but mid-day temperatures rise into the 50's-60's. The warmest rated gloves are considerably heavier with much more insulation and are for very cold days that don't warm up much if at all. "Warmer" rated gloves are for conditions between late fall and early winter.

The Manzella Grizzly is a warmest rated glove that comes with 150gr of Thinsulate. The palm and fingers are covered with leather giving a good grip in a variety of conditions. The wrist of the glove also has two straps that can be tightened down to close out the elements and keep your hands warm on very cold days.

The Manzella Grizzly Glove has the Warmest rating.

The palm and fingers on the Grizzly are leather covered.

Have you ever wanted to have a glove that specifically works with your bow release while archery hunting? Manzella offers a series of gloves that can easily work with a bow release while still keeping your hands protected from the elements. The Bow Stalker is a warmer rated glove that is suede lined to maintain good grip while slinging arrows. The Bow Ranger is similar to the Bow Stalker although it is a much lighter glove and only gets a "warm" rating. The palm of the Bow Ranger has a gripping surface that Manzella calls "Control Trax" which is a raised slightly rubberized surface that offers a good gripping palm. Being able to keep your gloves on while using the release firmly secured around your wrist is a nice bonus on cold mornings.

The Manzella Bow Stalker.

The Bow Stalker has a velcro strap and cut out that allows a
bow release to slip through to the palm of the glove.

The Bow Stalker palm and fingers are suede lined.

The Bow Ranger is a lightweight glove.

The palm of the Bow Ranger has a textured finish.

The Bow Ranger, like the Bow Stalker, can accommodate a bow release.

The Outback glove is a hybrid offering that is both a hunting and an ATV riding glove with a warmer rating. The backside of the glove offers knuckle protection and the palm has stitched in anti-vibration padding. The glove is closed with a large Velcro strap. The Outback is a good choice for those that spend a lot of time on an ATV/UTV while hunting. It offers protection while riding, but yet is not so stiff that you lose dexterity while operating a firearm or bow.

The Outback is a combined hunting and ATV/UTV glove.

The Outback palm has stitched in padding.

Finally Manzella offers the Hunter Convertible which can be switched from a glove or mitten. While this design has been around for a while one twist is that the mitten portion has a pouch to insert heat packs. The pouch is easily closed and opened via a magnetic button that makes it easy to remove and insert heat packs without having to take the gloves off first. The Hunter Convertible is a good choice for those that want a very warm glove, but have the ability to still occasionally free just the fingers in order to have the maximum amount of finger movement.

The Hunter Convertible.

The Hunter Convertible gloves can be changed from a fingerless glove to a mitten.

The Hunter Convertible has a pouch for small heat packs.

Manzella gloves range in price from $15-$50 depending on the model, camo pattern, and the amount of insulation. Manzella gloves are worth investigating especially during the colder months when a good pair of gloves can make a long cold day afield at least a little warmer.

For more information visit Manzella.