G5 Prime Shift Bow Review

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A few months ago we reviewed the new Prime Centroid bow that uses G5's new Parallel cam technology. Prime does not have a deep line-up of bows at this time, with only two bows in the entire line. Since we reviewed the Centroid we thought we would also take a closer look at the other Prime offering, the Shift.

The Prime Shift is shorter and lighter and arguably a more hunter focused bow than the Centroid. Coming in with a shorter 30" axle-to-axle versus the 34.25" of the Centroid the shift is more compact and is almost 10% lighter at a flat 4 pounds for the bare bow. The lighter weight and more compact size will make it easier carrying in the brush and packing into a hunt zone.

Even though the Shift is lighter and small it doesn't give up much to the Centroid. The Shift uses the exact same cam system and comes in at 332 fps IBO, although the Shift does have a slightly more forgiving 7.25" brace height versus the 7" of the Centroid. Like the Centroid the Shift is also available in 50, 60, and 70 pound peak weights and can be adjusted for a draw length from 26" to 30". The street price on the Shift is identical to the Centroid and comes in at $999.

G5 Prime Shift Bow

Close up of the twin lines of the parallel cam.

The Shift comes with all the positive benefits that we discussed with the Centroid, namely the Parallel Cam technology and the TI-Glide cable guard arm, both of which are just as effective on the Shift as the Centroid.

The TI-Glide captures the control cable.

Like the Centroid, Bowjax are on both limbs of the Shift.

String stop dampener.

The fit and finish of our review bow was excellent much like the Centroid. The Shift is available in Optifade Open Country which is a unique new camo pattern that is based on the science of how big game see their environment. The net result is a striking looking bow that should be well concealed from game.

Because the bows are very closely matched the final decision on which one to choose really comes down to shooter preference. If you like a bigger bow with additional balance that accompanies the added mass go with the Centroid. If you're a hunter that demands the lightest weight equipment, the Shift is the better choice. Shootability is about the same with both bows and they both offer the technical advantages of the TI-Glide and cam lean reduction.

Side view of the parallel cam.

For more information visit www.g5prime.com.


numbnutz's picture

Now this would be a bow I

Now this would be a bow I would like to get. I liked all the feature and cam advancement of the Centroid bow but I didn't like the 34" axle to axle. This bow has all the same feature and the shorter 30"axle to axle. I need to find a dealer now here local so I can try one out for myself. This review has me all excited. With the cam lean issues I've had with my current bow it would be nice to have a bow I didn't have to worry about the lean problems. And I really like the I--glide cable system. Thanks for the review and I'm very happy I found the review on this model of bow.

Ca_Vermonster's picture

I must say, I have never

I must say, I have never heard of that line of bows.  Just perused the website, and it doesn't look half bad.  Like the article said, with only 2 bows, it's a limited product line now.  However, they look to be competative with the mainline bows out there now in terms of specs, price, and overall look.

If I can find a place to demo one, it might be fun to fling a few with one.  Even if I am not going to buy one of every bow, they're still fun to shoot.... Wink