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Elk Hunting Returns to Ontario

Ten years after a successful elk reintroduction to Ontario, the province will see its first elk hunt in a century in 2011. The short season is slated to run from the third Monday in September to the following Sunday, which is September 19 to 25 in WMU 57, 58, 60, 61, 62 and 63A. has a more detailed write up on the planned hunt.

"Romeo" Poachers Sentenced

Jeffery Peacock was sentenced this week for the poaching of Romeo the wolf and related crimes. Perhaps Alaska's most famous wolf, Romeo, was unusually outgoing and appeared at Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau Alaska for the last six years. Romeo attracted international attention and was a visible icon to locals and the media at large. According to the Juneau Empire, Mr. Peacock received a sentence of six months, all suspended; a $5,000 fine with $3,000 suspended; and three years probation and the shooter, Park Meyers, received 330 days (all suspended), $12,500 in fines ($7,500 suspended), restitution of $1,100, forfeiture of three rifles and suspension of hunting privileges during his probation.

Oregon DFW Avoids Black Bear Lawsuit

Last week we posted about the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife possibly being sued over its black bear management plan. It appears to DFW may have side stepped the entire lawsuit by revising the requirement to update the plan on a five year basis.

According to the Mail Tribune, the revision should eliminate the lawsuit and allow biologists to focus on developing a new black bear management plan.

Mountain Lion Killed in Missouri

First Kansas, now Missouri, the big cats are moving east. The Missourian has a news story up about a mountain lion that was killed by a rancher near his cattle.

Colorado Moves Closer to New Bear Hunting Regulations

As we posted earlier, it appears that Colorado wildlife commissioners will be passing new rules in March that bans the shooting of a denned bear.

The Denver Post has a write up about the potential new regulations.

Alaska DFG Will Not Investigate Palin's Caribou Hunt

While most of the ruckus over Sarah Palin's reality TV caribou hunt seemed to be focused on her shooting prowess, some were pushing for her to be investigated over the amount of meat that was taken from the downed caribou. has posted a story regarding the complaints and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's position on the hunt.

Pack Your Checked Primers Carefully

A Florida man's bag exploded after he packed "hundreds" of primers in his checked luggage. Apparently a baggage handler was removing the luggage from the plane when it exploded. No one was hurt but the explosion caused shrapnel to become embedded in the baggage handler's shoe.

According to the TSA does allow primers to be stored in checked luggage as long as they are packaged properly.

TBGA Announces New Record Typical and Non-Typical Whitetail Buck

2010 was a big year for the Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA) with two new whitetail records being announced. The new record typical was taken by Jack Brittingham and officially green gross scores at 213 7/8 B&C.

Idaho Domesticated Elk Lawsuit Dismissed

Rex Rammell's lawsuit against the state of Idaho regarding the shooting of his escaped domestic elk has been dismissed by Fourth District Judge Cheri Copsey. According to, Mr. Rammell intends to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. For those that missed the story, KPVI details the history of the case.

Hunters Contract Parapox From Infected Deer

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a study that shows whitetail deer hunters in the eastern U.S. contracted parapox virus from infected deer. The study details the history of two separate hunters that accidentally cut themselves while field dressing separate deer. In both cases they both contracted parapoxvirus from the open wounds and later sought medical treatment for the resulting lesions.

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