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Montana Developing Hunter Cyber-Bullying Bill

Last year there were reports that hunters that signed on for Montana's wolf hunt were bullied after the MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks released the contact information of the hunters. The hunters names were obtained under "right-to-know" laws that exist in the state. According to, Senator Debby Barrett (R-Dillon) wants to put a stop to the release of the contact info for the hunters.

Yellowstone Elk Herd Declines Again

The steady downward trend of the Northern Yellowstone elk herd continued again this past year. New counts released by the Park service show the herd is down another 24% over last year. The Washington Post has a complete write up on the current findings.

Montana May Allow Spear Hunting

Dust off your atlatl folks because Big Sky Country may see spear hunting this coming fall. According to the Helena Independent Record, the Senate Fish and Game Committee simply needs to decide which season to allow spears in, which they will decide shortly.

Firearm Background Checks Surge

According to FBI data released today, it appears that one day gun purchase background checks have surged. USA Today has a brief write up on the figures released from the FBI.

Colorado Wolf Was Poisoned

In 2009 a dead, radio collared wolf turned up in Rio Blanco County, Colorado. After a lengthy investigation the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service believes the wolf was illegally poisoned with "Compound 1080". The Denver Channel has a detailed write up on the wolf's travels and eventual demise.

The map accompanying the article is impressive and highlights the great distances some predators will travel in the course of their lifetime.

More to the Missouri Mountain Lion Story

It appears that a hunter actually killed the Missouri mountain lion we mentioned last week. According to The Examiner, a raccoon hunter following his dogs unintentionally treed the cougar.

Big Year Planned for Mexican Gray Wolf

It looks like the Mexican gray wolf will get renewed focus in 2011 in the decades long effort to boost the population in southwestern states. According to the Las Cruces Sun News, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services is targeting new efforts to improve the wolves population.

South Dakota Completes Nugent Investigation

Last November we posted an entry that Ted Nugent may have run afoul of South Dakota game law during a pheasant hunt. At the time, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department (GFP) would neither confirm nor deny whether Mr. Nugent was under investigation.

It looks like there was an investigation by the GFP, but they are not talking about the outcome. The Rapid City Journal has a brief story posted about the case.

Georgia Addresses Whitetail Deer Decline

Georgia's deer population count has steadily declined over the last years under a management plan put in place by the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division in 2005. Now hunters are starting to suggest that the plan may have gone too far. The Augusta Chronicle has a write up about the state of Georgia's deer herd and the changes that may be coming.

SCI Record Idaho Bull Gets Attention

This past year an Idaho hunter took an impressive bull that reportedly scores out at 526" typical and 546" non-typical SCI. The sticking point is that it was taken on a high fence operation called the Broadmouth Canyon Ranch and as such is not eligible for B&C or P&Y (the method of take is unknown).

The Boise Weekly has a write up on the bull and not many details on the hunt. There are more pictures of the bull available here as well.

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