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Remote Controlled Shotgun Setup Attracts Homeland Security

A utility contractor working in Georgia stumbled upon a remotely rigged set of six Benelli shotguns in a powerline right-of-way. According to The Augusta Chronicle, the shotguns were set up three to a bench with two separate benches.

Utah Mule Deer May Receive Emergency Feeding

With the recent spate of cold and wet weather, Utah wildlife officials are closely monitoring the state's herd for signs the deer need supplemental feeding. The Daily Herald has a brief write-up on the emergency feeding of the mule deer.

Taser: The New Backcountry Defense

If you spend a significant amount of time in the backcountry, chances are good you either carry or have considered carrying a sidearm for defense. Taser has developed a "less lethal" solution to carrying a sidearm, that fires electrically charged probes rather than bullets. According to Taser the gun is specifically designed to incapacitate wildlife, presumably moose, bears, and any other threatening wildlife.

New Wisconsion Whitetail Deer Record

After the required 60 days of drying it appears that a buck taken by Brian Inda of Wautoma will be Wisconsin's new state record. The rack measured out at 187 5/8 inches which is just a bit bigger than the previous record set in 2006. has a nice photo and a complete write up on the buck.

Swedish Anti-Hunters Threaten Armed Conflict

Sweden's wolf hunt that is currently underway has spawned lawsuits and protests, but one group is threatening to kill hunters. A rap group called "Follow Him to the End of the Desert" even had a photo shoot posing with rifles and dead, bloodied hunters.

The Local has a write up about the wolf hunt and the protesters.

Wolves Take Down Livestock in Central Montana

Wolves are responsible for two separate livestock attacks in Fergus County Montana. The Great Falls Tribune has a write up about the attacks that happened on private ranch land.

Mountain Lion Hunt Protesters Draw Licenses

It appears that hunting foes are taking protesting to a new level regarding mountain lion hunting in South Dakota. According to The Daily Republic 11 people that publicly testified against mountain lion hunting applied for a limited mountain lion hunt in Custer State Park for which only 10 licenses were available. Two of the ten licenses were drawn by the protesters.

Colorado DOW Boosts Desert Bighorn Odds

Colorado has a few herds of desert bighorns within its borders and one such herd that hasn't fared so well is in the Big Gypsum Valley near Montrose. The Big Gypsum Valley herd was first introduced in 1990 and was recently augmented by a third reintroduction attempt. The biggest problem appears to be mountain lion depredation and the New West has a write up about how this third reintroduction effort will be different than the past.

Montana Developing Hunter Cyber-Bullying Bill

Last year there were reports that hunters that signed on for Montana's wolf hunt were bullied after the MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks released the contact information of the hunters. The hunters names were obtained under "right-to-know" laws that exist in the state. According to, Senator Debby Barrett (R-Dillon) wants to put a stop to the release of the contact info for the hunters.

Yellowstone Elk Herd Declines Again

The steady downward trend of the Northern Yellowstone elk herd continued again this past year. New counts released by the Park service show the herd is down another 24% over last year. The Washington Post has a complete write up on the current findings.

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