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New Mexico Bill Would Dramatically Reduce Non-Resident License Allocation

Senate Bill 196 currently in the New Mexico Senate Finance Committee would significantly reduce the number of licenses available to non-resident hunters. Currently New Mexico allocates 22% of the total licenses available to non-residents. If the law is passed, the new allocation would go to no more than 10% of total licenses. As currently written, 8% would go to non-residents requiring a guide and 2% to non-residents not requiring a guide.

Nevada Pushes Forward With First Black Bear Hunt

It appears that despite some resistance, Nevada's first black bear hunt will be moving forward this fall. As planned, the hunt will have 45 tags total and no more than 20 bears can be taken with no more than 6 females. The Las Vegas Sun has a write up on the planned hunt.

Minnesota Politician Criticizes Ad Depicting Shotgun

In the wake of the tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona last month, candidate Carly Melin is criticizing an opponent's ad showing a hunter pointing a shotgun down range with the words "Take Your Best Shot" floating above the hunter. According to the Star Tribune, Melin called the ad "pretty disturbing" and is calling for the GOP to disavow the ad.

Feral Hogs Spreading Nationally

With a reproduction velocity that might make even bacteria blush, feral pigs are spreading across the U.S. particularly the South. While hunting feral hogs has become quite popular it doesn't appear to be slowing the pig population down enough to stop the spread. Fox News is running a story on the pigs and the problems they cause.

Turner Buck Scores Big in New York

After 60 days of drying it appears that Cathy Turner's buck has scored 181 6/8. According to the Democrat and Chronicle this puts the buck as the ninth largest ever harvested in the state and the largest ever in Monroe County.

Robin Hood Poacher Stalking California

An unusual poacher is making the news in Southern California. Apparently a man dressed as Robin Hood has killed about 20 deer over the last couple months. The Santa Barbara Independent has a write up on the killings and the poacher.

New Congressional Bills Take Aim at Endangered Species Act

Two new bills, one in the Senate and the other in the House, have been introduced that seek to repeal the protected designation of the the gray wolf. Similar bills were introduced in the previous Congress, but these are the first since the fall election. The Seattle Times has a write up on the bills and how they may effect the Endangered Species Act.

North Dakota High Fence Ranches Want More Regulation

Last fall, North Dakota voters defeated a bill that would have banned high fence hunting. In the wake of the defeat, high fence hunting operations are supporting a bill that would regulate the industry. Valley News Live has a write up.

The ranchers have fenced enclosures and offer paying customers the chance to shoot a deer or elk that they've raised. Critics say the business is unethical because the animal doesn't have a chance to escape.

Harsh Winter Impacting Montana Wildlife

The Great Falls Tribune is running a detailed write up on how this winter is impacting the state's wildlife and it doesn't look good.

Harsh Winter Taking a Toll on North Dakota Wildlife

With North America gripped in the icy clutches of another cold front, wildlife are taking a hit. Three years of above average snowfall and cold temperatures is negatively affecting North Dakota game populations, with some of the worst months still to come. has a write up on how the cold is affecting game populations.

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