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Thermal Imaging Helps Find Hunter

When Dominick Frasca did not show up, his hunting companion became a little worried. They were hunting in the woods of Bethel township and were supposed to meet up at Pucky Huddle, New York. His companion called the police, and the search started. State police helicopters with thermal imaging were able to locate Frasca, and give ground searchers his location. They hiked in and helped Frasca find his way back out around 11 pm. They said Frasca was in good spirits and dressed appropriately for the 20 degree weather.

Hanging Buck Stolen

Timothy Forrett is not a happy hunter. Forrett had harvested an 8 point buck during Vermont's muzzleloader season. It was the largest buck Forrett had ever bagged, as well as the largest weighed in at his weigh station during muzzleloader season at 177 lbs.

Moose Antler Seller Gets His Day in Court

Ontario Conservation officials saw an online post about moose antlers for sale. They tracked down the seller, 19 year old Louis Calsavara who had bought the mounted antlers from an antique shop as a prop for a school play. He says he believed they were a work of art, and not real. Conservation officers believed otherwise, and ticketed Calsavara for the illegal sale of moose antlers and a $250 fine.

Instead of paying the fine Calsavara lawyered up and went to court. Justice of the peace Susan Hoffman sided with Calsavara and his defense.

Lost Hunters End up Very Thankful for Their Harvest

Steve and Sheila Joyce were spending a day hunting in western Newfoundland. They had their packs with them, and were not far from their jeep. From where they were standing and scoping the land they could see their jeep, so did not think it was possible that they could get lost.

They shot a moose calf, and started tracking it, focusing solely on the bloody trail. They set down their packs because they did not think the chase would take very long. Dusk started setting in, along with the cold. The Joyces realized they were lost, and had no supplies with them. Then they did stumble upon the injured moose, killed it, and skinned it. They were extremely thankful for the lifesaving hide which they wrapped around their torsos for warmth through the freezing night.

Montana's Slow Hunting Blamed on Wolves

Mike Feldmann owns the Lodge at McGregor Lake in Montana. His business was not operating at full capacity this hunting season. He keeps a poster board at his lodge, where in seasons past hunters would proudly display photos of their harvests. This year Feldmann has posted photos of a pack of wolves eating a heifer carcass at a nearby campground during archery season. Feldmann's lodging business has felt the impact of less big game animals which has meant less hunters as well.

Really Illegal Taking of a Whitetail

A 10 point buck that was in line for processing at the Knightstown Locker in Henry County, Indiana has disappeared. Employees called the police to report the missing buck, and the investigation started. Police then discovered a buck matching the 10 point description at another processing facility, waiting to be processed and mounted in Henry County. Surveillance video showed footage of Calvin Ballenger bringing in the deer. Conservation officers were waiting for him when Ballenger came to pick up the processed deer.

A Day Makes a Huge Difference When Buying a License

Jeff Kerr did not buy a hunting license for the season. He had a good construction job and did not think he would find the time needed to go hunting. Then on a day off a call came from a friend and he found himself on his Grandmother's 40 acres in Lapeer County's Marathon Township, Michigan.

November 20th Kerr and his friend were in the field and spotted a 13 point buck. Kerr's friend shot at the buck twice and missed. Kerr said he could not miss this opportunity so he fired from 10 yards downing the buck.

Kerr left the buck in the field, went and purchased a license, and then came back for the buck.

Idaho Elk Hunter Wins News-Press Contest with Wolf

Jackie Smith was hunting near Mullan, Idaho and was waiting patiently to fill her elk tag. When a turn of events brought her a shot at a lone wolf, she took it. A lone wolf had walked into the clearing where Smith had a clear shot. She pulled back on her bow, released it, and downed the wolf.

Smith was hoping for an elk that she could enter into the News-Press hunting contest, but she entered the wolf instead. Smith had never seen a wolf in the wild before, and was excited with this one.

Weather Affects New Jersey Bear Hunt

The first day of the New Jersey bear hunt on Monday started off with great numbers, a total of 257 harvested. Then the rainy weather moved in along with a usual decline in kills after the first day, and there were only 52 harvested on day number 2.

Snow Shelter and Caribou Carcass May Be from Missing Hunter

Kimmirut Mayor Jamesie Kootoo left to go hunting on November 26th, and was supposed to return the same day. Now a week and a half later he is still missing. The search continues, but is hampered by obstacles, from weather to costs. The air search saw a flickering light in the area where Kootoo is believed to be, and the ground search found a carcass of a caribou, and some blocks of snow that are believed to be a snow shelter built by Kootoo. But there is no hard evidence to indicate that it is Kootoo or not.

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