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Deal on Elk Property in Utah

A 3,800 acre ranch, with a massive 11,000-square-foot lodge that includes 13 bedrooms and a 50 head bull elk herd, finds itself affected by the economy. The bank now owns Tabby Mountain Ranch after the original owners facing bankruptcy lost it.

The loss of this lodge shows the affects from the economy's downturn, and that hunters are not willing to pay thousands for the trophy bull elk hunts any more.

Husband of Woman Struck in Hunting Accident Questions Target

John Bergeron was hunting at dusk in an area that he had seen deer earlier in the day. Cheryl Blair was walking her two dogs around 5 pm in this area as well. Bergeron and Blair are neighbors in Norton, Massachusetts. Bergeron saw something and believed he saw a deer's tail, so he shot. Blair was struck by one shot from a black powder rifle. Bergeron called 911 and started doing what he could to help Blair before the emergency personnel arrived.

New Hampshire Apprentice Licenses Now Offered

Starting with the new year New Hampshire is joining about 30 other states in offering an apprentice license. This is a once in a lifetime purchase where a person can try out hunting without taking the hunters safety class.

The apprentice license is good for one year, and allows a hunter to take part in the sport as long as they are with an experienced hunter. They must be within sight and hearing range of the experienced hunter at all times.

Wandering Wolf on His Way to California

A wandering wolf has traveled across Oregon and is now within 10 miles of the California border. If the wolf named OR7 crosses into California, he would be the first gray wolf within the state in over 90 years. The wolf had been exterminated by 1924.

The 2 year old wolf has been traveling since September and has spent the past month in an area of the Siskiyou National Forest, northeast of Medford Oregon.

Border Fence Affects Immigrants of All Species

A fence built on the Arizona and Mexico border in efforts to keep undocumented immigrants from entering Arizona, has had some unexpected consequences on wildlife. That fence has also affected the migrating black bears of Arizona, and may put stress on their population.

The black bears that are near the border have been recently studied and written about in the Biological Conservation. The bears in the area are not able to migrate into Mexico, and are faced with the threat of urban sprawl, highways and change of their migratory pattern.

Buck Pays a Christmas Visit to a Salt Lake City Family

On Christmas Eve one Salt Lake City family was hoping for Santa and his reindeer, but instead got a buck that had crashed into their home. The Kellers believe that the deer tripped on a window well and fell into their home through a window. While waiting for wildlife officers, they captured several photos and videos. It will be a Christmas they won't soon forget.

Moose Find Salt in Town

Steamboat Springs, Colorado has some new visitors in town. Moose have found a way to get some more salt, by licking vehicles. A cow moose and two calves have been seen in the residential areas. The vehicles have salt on them from the roads where salt is used to de-ice.

Decoy Does Its Job

Two men in New Mexico could not resist the deer. It was right by the roadside, they pulled the truck over, got out and started shooting at it. Little did they know the deer was a decoy set up by Game and Fish officers to catch poachers. This area was a high traffic area where poaching had previously taken place. The duo's actions were caught on video.

Mountain Lion Surprises Man in Home

A man returning to his home in rural western North Dakota was surprised when he came inside to find a mountain lion kitten. The man grabbed his firearm by the door and dispatched the 38 pound cat. After dispatching the cat he did call Game and Fish who came out to investigate.

8 Months After Completing Hunter Education Yields Trophy

Kyle Schultz and his father Mike were spending a dismal morning on family land near Arcadia, Wisconsin. Kyle a 12 year old, was starting to get a little bored with not seeing any deer. Kyle just completed his hunter's education 8 months ago, but was ready to move on to something else that day. Mike suggested taking a lunch break and Kyle eagerly accepted.

Mike had an inkling that in a brushy area by the family hunting shack there would be a good place for a massive deer to be. Though he nor family had never seen anything to promote this idea, he still had the feeling, so on the way back they drove by to check it out.

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