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Golf Course Not Suitable for Elk

A herd of elk has been causing damage to greens at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge's golf course in Washington. In efforts to try and scare the elk into moving away from the golf course, the owners were going to have hunters come and kill 3 of the elk. Their plans were publicized on Monday, when the hunting was set to begin. However the hunt did not happen, and now public outcry has begun.

Preserve Your Hunting Photos on Metal

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New Jersey Cable-man Gets Surprise

A cable-man showed up at a New Jersey house to perform scheduled maintenance. When he arrived at the house, he found a black bear asleep in the basement. There were reports of sightings of the black bear in the neighborhood earlier in the day.

What's Happening to the Waterfowl in River Lea?

A Canadian goose was pulled under the water in London's River Lea, and never returned to the surface. This was surprising to witness Mike Wells as he was watching the goose from a boat on the river. He and a friend were watching the goose, saw it go down, completely vertical and never came back up. He and his friend were left slack jawed. The Canadian goose is a rather large bird, and whatever took it down was the same size, if not larger.

Stroke Does Not End Hunter's Passion

Jody Sonsalla of Brownsville, Minnesota was young and healthy when he suffered a stroke. It was a fluke, an artery collapsed on the left side of his brain. Sonsalla was 39, and in the hospital, paralyzed from the stroke. The right side of his body was paralyzed, and was blind in his right eye.

Taxidermist Never Delivered, Now Facing Charges

Several years ago Shannon Spears of Kentucky chose to take his elk to Gordon "Butch" Moles for Moles' taxidermy skills. Spears dropped off the elk and a $200 deposit with Moles' word that it would be ready in a couple of weeks. Then Moles was gone.

Spears waited a couple of years, and then heard that Moles was in West Virginia. Along with another hunter who had used Moles, Spears went hunting for the missing taxidermist.

Teen Faces Felony Charge for Deer Farm Poaching

A 19 year old man sneaked into a deer breeding farm at night last week near Houston, Minnesota. He shot a large 14 point buck with his bow and arrow, cut the fence, and took the buck, leaving a trail of blood. The owner of the deer farm knew right away the next morning that someone had stolen something very valuable from him.

The owner does not want to be identified, but is very angry. He and his brother own and have worked on raising the trophy sized bucks for the past 15 years, and to have someone sneak in at night and take that from him is criminal.

Information Sought in Dead Washington Trophy Ram

An archery deer hunter alerted Washington Fish and Wildlife officials when he came upon a large ram, dead in the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area. The officials came out to the area to collect evidence and recover the ram. The large ram appeared to have been killed by a gunshot wound. It is unsure whether that gunshot wound was from a good Samaritan putting down an injured animal, or from poachers. Either way no one has come forward, and the ram was left to waste.

Black Bear Gets Free Ride

A black bear surprised himself, and some Vancouver residents on Monday. He had followed his nose into the back of a dump truck, and was focused on eating. The dump truck driver was oblivious to the passenger in the back and drove from North Vancouver to just outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Downtown Vancouver.

New Jersey Deer Hunter Gets Record Bear

Bruce Headley was hoping to get two deer, during New Jersey's firearm deer hunt. Having the two deer in his freezer helps feed his family all year long. He was hunting on the back hill behind his property towards his shed, when he saw the black bear. The black bear seemed to fill the door to the shed with its mass.

Headley had seen this bear before, but not in the woods. This bear was spotted under Headley's apple tree stuffing himself with the apples. The bear did indeed have a hunger, as his estimated live weight was 829 lbs. After field dressing, the bear weighed in at 703 lbs. making Headley's the heaviest for the 2011 bear season.

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