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Moose Find Salt in Town

Steamboat Springs, Colorado has some new visitors in town. Moose have found a way to get some more salt, by licking vehicles. A cow moose and two calves have been seen in the residential areas. The vehicles have salt on them from the roads where salt is used to de-ice.

Decoy Does Its Job

Two men in New Mexico could not resist the deer. It was right by the roadside, they pulled the truck over, got out and started shooting at it. Little did they know the deer was a decoy set up by Game and Fish officers to catch poachers. This area was a high traffic area where poaching had previously taken place. The duo's actions were caught on video.

Mountain Lion Surprises Man in Home

A man returning to his home in rural western North Dakota was surprised when he came inside to find a mountain lion kitten. The man grabbed his firearm by the door and dispatched the 38 pound cat. After dispatching the cat he did call Game and Fish who came out to investigate.

8 Months After Completing Hunter Education Yields Trophy

Kyle Schultz and his father Mike were spending a dismal morning on family land near Arcadia, Wisconsin. Kyle a 12 year old, was starting to get a little bored with not seeing any deer. Kyle just completed his hunter's education 8 months ago, but was ready to move on to something else that day. Mike suggested taking a lunch break and Kyle eagerly accepted.

Mike had an inkling that in a brushy area by the family hunting shack there would be a good place for a massive deer to be. Though he nor family had never seen anything to promote this idea, he still had the feeling, so on the way back they drove by to check it out.

Michigan's December Elk Hunt Goes Well

Joe Zupancic has been applying for the popular Michigan December elk hunt for the past 20 years. This year was his lucky year, he was one of the 77 out of 32,000 that got an elk tag through the elk hunt lottery.

Michigan's elk population is estimated between 800-900. They have two elk hunts annually, one in August/September and one in December. 63 hunters came home with an elk from the August/September hunt and another 62 hunters brought an elk home from the December hunt. The elk management plan may be getting an overhaul though, as more people move into the wooded areas, and elk lose their habitats and begin foraging on farms and having more run-ins with people, the 800-900 herd may be too large for sustainability.

UFC Fighter Brock Lesnar Pleads Guilty to Canadian Hunting Charge

Brock Lesnar is known for his fighting skills, and had been invited to Canada to hunt for a filmed episode sponsored by Trophy Hunters Alberta in 2010. Lesnar needed a guide, to hunt legally in Canada.

Three charges were filed against him after this 2010 hunt. One for unlawful possession of wildlife, this was for a whitetail deer. Second charge was for wastage of wildlife, from a mule deer. Third charge and the one that Lesnar plead guilty to was for failure to immediately tag an animal.

DNR Officer Helps Black Bear Out

Maybe it is the holiday season that inspired Minnesota DNR officer Don Bozovsky to pull the porcupine quills out of the bear's muzzle. Bozovsky got a phone call that a black bear had followed an angler from his fishing hut back to his home and did not want to leave. Bozovsky came out to assist the angler.

The black bear seemed to be overly friendly with humans, allowing the angler to leash him and to pet him at one point. Bozovsky saw that the bear had quills in his muzzle, and thought it might be difficult for the bear to eat, so he decided to help the bear out.

In One Week, Five Dead Bighorn Sheep

A herd of 60 bighorn sheep once frequented an area near Clinton ranch, Vancouver. Now that herd has been scared away from the area. In two separate instances in one week five bighorn sheep have been shot dead, and left. There are currently no leads.

The first incident happened near Lytton, 2 rams were shot and left. Then three days later, 2 rams and a ewe were shot near Clinton.

Labrador Caribou Get More Protection

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador is trying to make sure the decline in the George River herd stops. They say that in a decade the number of caribou have fallen dramatically from 385,000 down to 50,000.

Today the caribou season starts, and will continue through March. This year's caribou season has been cut from 8 month to 3 months and hunters are only allowed one caribou.

Bison Returning to Their Ancestral Grounds

There is a lot of activity going on at Elk Island National Park in Alberta. Bison are being branded after going through some medical testing, and receiving vaccinations, before their long journey to a home they've never known, but that their ancestors came from.

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