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Vicariously Experience the .950 JDJ

SSK Industries created the largest center-fire rifle ever, with a .905 caliber. Only 3 have been made. The lightest weighing in around 50 pounds. The ammunition, 2400 grain bullet, propelled by 240 grains of powder weighing in at half a pound each, and costing $40. The power is comparable to a World War I-era tank round or a 20mm cannon in terms of kinetic energy.

The JDJ was almost categorized as a "destructive device" but got the "sportsman exception" categorization instead. It is a beast. Watch the guys from Knight Rifles as they enjoy their unique experience.

Hunting Rights May Become Constitutional Rights in Idaho

An Idaho Senate Committee has put together a proposal to create an amendment to Idaho's founding documents. The amendment would add hunting, fishing and trapping as a constitutional right, so these rights could not be threatened by some radical groups.

Virginians May Be Able to Buy More than One Handgun per Month

In 1993 a law was passed in Virginia where a person could not buy more than one handgun per month. The Senate and the House have both passed bills of their own, to revoke this antiquated law. In 1993 this law may have seemed like a necessity, but today background checks can be done almost instantaneously and in most cases will prevent sales that should not go through. There is no need to limit a buyer's ability to purchase handguns. Law abiding citizens would be the only ones that are hampered by this law.

Alaska Hopes to Lure Moose Away From Roadways

Alaska has been receiving an abundance of snow this year, and with that moose are being pushed towards roadways and railroad tracks in search of food. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has decided in efforts to lessen people-moose interactions, to allow the Alaska Moose Federation to set up feeding stations to divert the moose.

Lehigh, Pennsylvania Residents Don't Fear, Deer Aren't Being Removed

Rumors were circulating that the Pennsylvania Game Commission were trapping deer in Lehigh County and removing them from wildlife management unit 5C. Calls and emails were coming in from worried residents. The Pennsylvania Game Commission is trapping deer, but they are not moving them at all, they are tagging them for a study on the deers' movements and populations. The study is tagging deer in Berks, Bucks, Lehigh and Montgomery counties. They are not moving any deer though, so they will be there come hunting season.

Escaped Elk Not Allowed to Return Home to Pennsylvania

Recently we reported on a bull elk that has taken up residence in Marshall County, West Virginia, where he has become quite famous. He even has his own Facebook page dedicated to saving his life in Pleasant Valley. Residents of Pleasant Valley want to make sure that the West Virginia DNR doesn't kill the elk, however by law West Virginia is required to destroy him.

Coyote Night Hunting Considered in North Carolina

The North Carolina Wildlife Commission has a new proposal for the public to weigh in on. Residential areas have had pets killed or injured by coyotes in recent months, so the commission has proposed to allow coyote hunting on Sunday nights, with bows and arrows on private land.

In the next couple of weeks public meetings will be held on how best to deal with the pressing coyote problems. This proposal may or may not come to pass, but it will put the spotlight on managing coyotes.

$300,000 for Bighorn Sheep Tag

The chance to hunt a bighorn sheep in any hunting unit in Montana this fall, was worth $300,000 to a New York man. This isn't even the highest the tag has been auctioned off for, in 1994 it went for $310,000.

The Wild Sheep Foundation held their convention in Reno, Nevada in January. The tag was auctioned at that time, and James Hens was the highest bidder.

Fenced Hunting - First Bill Killed in Indiana

Indiana Rep. Matt Ubelhor, R-Linton, brought to the table House Bill 1265. The bill was designed to allow fenced hunting for deer, and provide hunters willing to pay thousands of dollars deer that have been bred for larger antlers. Ubelhor supported it saying the economic impact would be greater than any cons the bill would bring.

Supplemental Feeding Starts Near Jackson

The National Elk Refuge located near Jackson, Wyoming is currently the winter home to over 6,000 elk and around 600 bison. The animals migrated later this season because of the late spring run off, and they were able to forage for food longer.

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