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California Tries Raffle for Wildlife Fundraising

Last year the California Department of Fish and Game offered two random drawings for a deer license, and an elk license. Offering licenses by raffle brought in over $130,000 for the Department and for conservation. This year they are raffling four random drawing chances to win a big game license. This year along with the deer and elk, there is a desert bighorn sheep and pronghorn antelope tag.

Any interested hunter can purchase the raffle tickets from the DFG, or online for $5.66, no limits.

Louisiana Black Bear Rescued, Released, Shot in Mississippi

Kris, was picked up going through a garbage can. He was a scrawny Louisiana black bear, a smaller subspecies of the black bear. Due to his size he was taken to a Tennessee rescue center, around Christmas time, which resulted in being named Kris. The only other bear there was a cub, that had been brought in from Virginia as an orphan and called R.A.

Kansas Secretary of State Tries to Pass Bill for Governor to Distribute Licenses

Kansas' Secretary of State Kris Kobach is trying to pass a bill that would enable the governor to distribute 12 big-game licenses. These licenses currently go to each commissioner for the Department of Wildlife, where in turn the commissioner usually gives it to a conservation group to auction off. The licenses are special licenses allowing the hunter to hunt either sex deer, whitetail or mule, statewide and in any season.

British Columbia Pet Owner Wants Deer Cull to Continue

Buster is a 10 year old chocolate Labrador. Reg Parsons is his owner, and was amazed at the injuries Buster came home with at the beginning of January. Buster walked in with puncture wounds that have amounted to over $700 in veterinary bills. Parsons believes Buster's injuries are from a whitetail deer attacking the dog. There is an urban herd that lives nearby, and close to a middle school.

Buster's vet said the injuries did not look like ones from another dog, but more similar to two other dogs' injuries he had seen after being attacked by whitetails.

Massachusetts Girl Bitten by Coyote

Alex Cazmay, 9 years old, was playing with her friend Kelly Igoe. Kelly was riding her scooter and when she looked back, saw what she believed was a dog - then realized it was a coyote, and was right by Alex. The animal seemed to come out of nowhere, but was intent on Alex.

Then the animal started biting Alex."It bit me in the butt, then it bit me in the arm and then it bit me (on the hand) and then I had the sense to run inside,” Alex recalled with a half-laugh.

Wolves to Be Hunted by Air

The Alaska Board of Game has passed two proposals to begin predator control. One of these measures will allow the aerial hunting of wolves on the Kenai Peninsula. By allowing the aerial hunts the board is hoping that less predators will help the moose population recover and grow.

Moose mortality is expected to be high this winter, due to the harsh weather and deep snowfall.

Georgia EMS Goes Above and Beyond

North Carolina hunter Sonny Elam was in Georgia for some deer hunting. On January 12th he was dropped off, and walked a mile into the woods, then climbed up into his tree stand and waited for a deer. Elam had told his ride not to return for him, he was going to wait it out for that deer until dark.

Elam started experiencing chest pain, pain that was paralyzing. He had his cellphone, and tried to call the house, no one answered after a couple attempts Elam called 911 instead.

Kentucky Sandhill Crane Hunt Not a Huge Hit

For its inaugural Sandhill Crane season Kentucky had high expectations, a quota of 400 birds. A number they fell far short of, 50 cranes were killed during the 30 day season. This may be an indication that the birds are actually more difficult to hunt than expected.

Some think that with the season being so new, and the unknown was a reason for the low numbers. Even hunting permit numbers were less than what was expected. 342 people applied to receive the Sandhill permits.

Nevada Set to Have a 2012 Bear Season, With Changes

Carl Lackey is a biologist with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, his specialty; black bears. He has seen a lot and his input is important to the Division of Wildlife when setting the season. This past year Nevada had a black bear season despite criticism. 2012 is set to have a season as well, but with some changes, brought on by residents and hunters.

Residents in the Tahoe Basin do not want hunters in the Tahoe area, so the Tahoe Basin Area will most likely be closed to hunters in 2012. Residents realize there are black bears, but they would rather face the dangers the black bears bring than the dangers hunters would bring.

2008 Bear Hunt Comes Back to Haunt Alaska Fish and Game Official

The hiring of Correy Rossi seems to be coming under fire again as a controversial move. When Rossi applied for the position as assistant commissioner of "abundance management," a newly created position at Alaska's Fish and Game, he used the Governor at the time, Sarah Palin's parents as his number one references. He was hired in January of 2009, for a position that netted over $100,000 a year. Rossi was also a big game guide, and enthusiastic hunter. There were questions about his education and whether he met the criteria needed for the job, yet he was hired and would work in that position for over two years.

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