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Minnesota Begins Aerial Moose Survey

Three weeks later than scheduled, Minnesota DNR officials are finally taking to the skies to survey the moose population in northeastern Minnesota. They had to wait for a decent snowfall to make it easier to spot the moose in the area.

A survey has been conducted every year since 1960. The survey is a valuable tool in determining the number of moose tags for the year and herd health.

Elk on the Loose, Days are Numbered

Marshall County, West Virginia has a new resident - a resident with a target on him. When the residents of Marshall County discovered that the DNR was planning on killing the elk, they pulled together in an effort to save the elk. This elk had escaped from a farm in Pennsylvania. The females that had escaped with the bull elk, were tranqulized and transported back to Allepo, Pennsylvania.

'Bringing Nature Out of the Darkness'

"Bringing Nature Out of the Darkness" is the title of the book that Carey McWilliams is working on. McWilliams lost his sight 28 years ago, when he was just 10 years old, however he has never let that stop him in any of his adventures, whether it be writing, or sky diving. His latest adventure, hunting an alligator.

Pets Outgrowing their Cuteness = Troubles for the Everglades

Florida's Everglades National Park has been in the news lately, with images of a large python consuming a whole dee to tangling with alligators. It is believed there is a population of over 100,000 pythons taking over the Everglades. However they are not the only non-native species that is threatening the Everglades, but they receive the most attention. The population is just an estimate, since they have been able to infiltrate every area inside the park.

Wolf Reintroduction Considered for Elk Control in Colorado

Baca National Wildlife Refuge in Colorado is home to a growing population of elk. The elk are one of the largest mammals in the park, their population continues to grow, and the ecosystem is hurt by their large numbers. Elk are known to stay in one area, then over-use that area until it becomes useless to other animals.

Federal officials are working on a better way to manage the elk herds. One of four ideas that was presented is introducing wolves.

Octogenarian Smacks Attacking Moose Away with Shovel

Dorthea Taylor and George Murphy were at the airport in Willow, Alaska. George is a well-known bush pilot in the area, and had gone to get the couple's dogs. Dorthea was waiting in the truck. George looked up and saw a moose, the moose had George in its sights and was charging at him. George knew he had to get to that truck, otherwise he was in big trouble.

Virginia Sunday Hunting on Private Land Bill Passes Senate

After getting State Senate approval on Bill 464, it will have to pass Virginia's House of Delegates before the new legislation becomes law. Bill 464 would open up Sunday for hunters on private land, landowners could hunt on their own land, hunters could hunt on private land as long as they had the written consent of the landowner.

Increased Hog Hunting, Equals Increased Noise Complaints in Georgia

A single feral sow can have up to 3 litters per year, producing up to 30 piglets, the following year those 30 are ready to have litters of their own. Feral hogs are a growing problem, having over populated, they ruin yards, farms, and more. This is a problem facing Georgia currently. Night hunting is now allowed with permits as well as year round hunting. An increase in noise complaints to the sheriff's office especially in Ochlocknee, has come with these changes.

California's Wolf OR7, Federally Protected

At the end of December Wolf OR7 crossed the border into California, and has been monitored since then. Wolf OR7 is a 2 1/2 year old male who originated from a pack in Oregon and headed south on his own.

Since OR7 has made it into California other reports of wolf sightings have increased, but OR7 is the only documented wolf in California since 1924.

Lewis and Clark Caverns Area of Montana, Not Getting Bighorn Sheep

In 2010 Montana adopted a Bighorn Sheep Conservation Strategy. The plan was to transplant bighorn sheep herds, hoping to increase the economy that comes with hunting and animal viewing. The sheep conservation was set to create five sustainable herds throughout the state, and also to help existing herds grow. After research Montana FWP biologists created a list that they brought to commissioners in the Spring of 2011 for some areas that would be most suitable for bighorn sheep herds.

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