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Virginia Sunday Hunt Bill Killed Early by House

Hunters were excited, the Virginia State Senate had passed SB 464, 29-1. This bill was going to allow Sunday hunting on private land, with landowner's permission. Now there are cries of foul play by the House committee, early Wednesday morning they killed the bill, supporters of the measure described it as a stealth attack.

What Happens When Police Officers Aren't Aware of the Law?

Mark Fiorino resides in Pennsylvania, and has been mugged more than once, so he exercises his right to bear arms. Mark keeps a Glock .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol on his hip at all times. Pennsylvania allows open carry, without needing a permit under the Open Carry Law. Mark has been stopped by police in Lansdale, where the police officer knew that Mark had the right to open carry, the officer told him to have a nice day, that was that. Or they would ask Mark if he has a permit, if asked to show it, Mark would explain the Open Carry Law, and that would be fine. That is how it should be, the officer was aware of the law or would listen to Mark, and Mark was left to his business.

Pleasant Valley Elk Gets a Reprieve

If you've been following the story on the bull elk that escaped from a farm in Greene County, Pennsylvania, here is some more to the story.

Kentucky Game and Wildlife biologists came up to West Virginia to assist with tranquilizing and transporting the elk to the West Virginia Wildlife Center. Kentucky has an elk population, and their biologists were better equipped for handling this elk.

Montana Wolf Hunt Set to End

Wolf season is set to end in Montana, and quotas have not been met. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks extended the wolf season by a month and a half in December. Now they are considering doing that again for Unit 250 in the Bitterroot Valley area. This unit has a quota of 18 and only 6 wolves have been harvested. If approved the season will go on until April 1st.

Kansas Hunters Push for Stricter Poaching Penalties

David Kent of Topeka, Kansas is a poacher that has angered hunters. Kent illegally shot a 14 point buck in November of 2011. The buck's Boone and Crocket score is 198 7/8 inches, which surpassed the previous record antlers measuring in at 198 2/8 inches, a record set in 1974. Hunters are upset with the lack of consequences that Kent faces for his actions.

Drain Tunnel Creates Nice Den for Black Bear

A black bear has chosen a man-made den for its winter hibernation, a drain tunnel in Wisconsin. The drain tunnel is safe and dry for the bear, so it may stay in there up to four more months. The DNR suggests leaving bears alone while they are hibernating.

Hunters Fund Bighorn Conservation in New Mexico

The New Mexico House of Representatives voted 66-1 on Sunday to allow 4 bighorn ram permits to be auctioned off. This increases the permits that will be auctioned or raffled off by two. In previous years, an auction has raised $190,000 for a permit. The money earned is used for conservation programs to help the bighorn habitat and to increase the population.

OR-7's Litter-Mate Hunted in Idaho

The Imnaha wolf pack from Oregon has received a lot of attention lately. First the Oregon Fish and Game issued an order to kill two of the pack, as they had repeatedly killed domestic animals, but that was blocked by a federal court order. Then some of the wolves crossed into Idaho, OR-7 continued on to California looking for a mate, in his quest he became famous. Now littler mate OR-9 is in the news because he was shot by an Idaho hunter on February 2nd.

Windsor, Connecticut Man Asks for Accelerated Rehabilitation

John Rocha an 82 year old resident of Windsor, Connecticut, is also a first time offender. He committed the offense on January 4th, when he shot and killed a black bear. The black bear and cub were going through Rocha's neighbor's garbage. Rocha took his .30 caliber rifle and shot the 5-6 year old black bear. The cub was later found, tranquilized and moved. Rocha was charged with illegally killing a black bear, and negligent hunting.

Big Bend National Park Rangers Continue Search for Mountain Lion

Big Bend National Park located in Texas, is home to over 2 dozen mountain lions. The last time a mountain lion attack was reported was in May 2003, when an elderly mountain lion was starving due to broken canines and it attacked a man. The man was able to fight off the mountain lion that was later found and destroyed. In the park if a mountain lion threatens people and actually comes in contact with them, it is destroyed according to park policy.

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