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Roaming Bull Bagged in Wyoming

Its no secret that elk migrate from winter range to summer range in most areas where they reside in North America. However the extent to which juvenile elk will expand into new range isn't as clearly understood. In 2005 Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologists tagged a variety of Fossil Butte National Monument elk as part of migration study.

According to the Billings Gazette one of these bulls was taken this fall almost 200 miles from where it was originally tagged.

Going High-Tech in War Against Rhino Poachers has an interesting article and video up about a new GPS tracking system that conservation officials are using in South Africa to stop rhino poaching.

Hunter Killed in Treestand Scuffle

Kevin McCormick has been charged with assault and hunter harassment after he upended the treestand being used by hunter Jerry Benedict. Benedict fell 16 feet and later died from injuries sustained during the fall.

According to The Bemidji Pioneer, the suspect harassed the hunter and claimed Benedict was trespassing.

Deer Attacks Family Dog

In yet another reminder that deer are not as docile as they seem, a family dog was attacked in Bend Oregon. According to Tiffany Rounds' dog, Daisy, was attacked in her backyard by two does and a buck inflicting serious injury on Daisy.

Buck Trashes Maryland Home

Continuing with the deer-gone-wild news, it appears that a whitetail buck went through an elderly couple's window and proceeded to trash the house in a frenzy according to NBC. Fortunately a fast acting neighbor was able to come to the rescue and tried to wrestle the buck out of the home, but eventually had to resort to shooting the deer.

Iowa Deer Herd Declining

According to the Chicago Tribune, Iowa's legendary whitetail herd is in decline. The herd total is down 10% from a year ago and 29% from its peak four years ago in 2006.

Potential New Record Colorado Black Bear

Most black bears taken in Colorado are the 200-300 lb variety, but every once in a while a hunter takes a monster of a bruin. This year Craig resident Richard Kendall has taken a 703 lb massive black bear which green scores at 22 5/8 inches enough to be the new state record if it doesn't shrink.

The Craig Daily Press has a good write up on the hunter and the bear with quite a few photos.

NJ Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Hunting Petition

It appears that New Jersey's black bear hunt will start Monday December 6th as scheduled after Judge Edwin Stern denied the petition to stop the black bear hunt.

This will be the first state black bear hunt since 2005 and anti-hunter groups are expected to turn out at check stations to protest.

The Fight for Knife Rights

While guns are the primary focus of the right to bear arms, there has been a smaller but potent movement to increase knife bearing rights in certain states. At first it may seem that knife rights are irrelevant, but investigating your local and state revised statues and codes is likely to find more than a few laws banning various knife types and blade lengths.

The New York Times (Registration may be required to view) has a respectable article posted about the knife right movement.

Nevada May Legalize Shooting Wolves

Wildlife commissioners are considering classifying wolves in the state of Nevada as unprotected, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. This would place wolves, at least at the state level, in the same class as coyotes.

The discussion was largely prompted by a federal judge's August decision to reinstate wolves as an endangered species in Idaho and Montana and concern the federal government might infringe on Nevada's right to manage wolves, which could threaten big game and livestock.

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