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Mule Deer Dons Christmas Lights

With each passing holiday season there seem to be more folks complaining about "Christmas Creep," where retailers push the holiday buying season further into early November. Some good anecdotal evidence that the Christmas season is starting earlier, is there appears to be more mule deer getting holiday lights wrapped around their antlers earlier and earlier. This year it's not even Thanksgiving yet and there are two incidents already in the media spotlight.

Potential New Record Montana Pronghorn

The Helena Independent Record has an article running about Kody Baker and his record book antelope that he took near east Helena. The buck has not been offically recognized by Pope and Young yet, but it dry scores at 86, which is a bit more than the 84 2/8 that has stood since 1989.

Elk Hunter Stumbles Across Plesiosaur

Invariably the sheer number of hunters hitting the great outdoors uncovers some unusual items every fall. This fall a Montana elk hunter was lucky enough to stumble across the fossil remains of a carnivore from 75 million years ago.

The Daily Mail has a story about David Bradt and his unusual find.

Another Poacher Nailed on Facebook

According to the Star Tribune a 20 year-old has been caught after he posted his ill-gotten game on Facebook.

The hunter posted a photo on Facebook of a small buck he killed in September during the archery season, then posted a photo of an 8-point trophy buck he arrowed in October. In Minnesota, hunters can kill only one buck per season. He later posted a photo of him and two buddies posing with 12 Canada geese they shot.

Petrzilka Takes Impressive Nebraska Buck has a good write up about the Petrzilka family and a huge typical whitetail that Kevin Petrzilka took last Friday. The green score on the buck is 203 4/8 which would beat the state record of 199 1/4 by a good margin, offical score will be out in a few months.

Pennsylvania Hunter Takes Massive Black Bear

David Price of Cresco Pennsylvania shot a 875 pound black bear with a crossbow last week. Mr. Price was hunting with his brothers and cousins and reportedly had been after the bear for a few years. The Times-Tribune of Scranton PA, has a write up about the bear, the hunter and the hunt.

The bear apparently had a history with the state Game Commission and was known as "Bozo" by locals. According to this this op-ed piece over at the Pocono Record, Bozo was fed for years by Leroy Lewis, for which Mr. Lewis was cited.

Poacher X Taunts Idaho Fish and Game

Last week we ran a brief press release from the Idaho Fish and Game about an anonymous "Poacher X" that sent in a letter to the F&G about his/her poaching experiences. is running a brief article about the poaching case with a couple of the photos that were apparently sent to the Idaho F&G.

Federal Judge Rules for Wyoming in Wolf Case

The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of wolf management related news and here is another interesting note in the wolf wars. Federal Judge Alan Johnson decided for Wyoming in the lawsuit brought by the state against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Specifically Wyoming sued the FWS for refusing to allow the state to regulate wolves outside of Yellowstone.

Crossbow Law Divides New York Hunters

This year New York took on the issue of crossbow hunting and in 2011 NY hunters will be able to use a crossbow to hunt in any season but the early bow season. Furthermore you can only use the crossbow for big game, predators and small game hunting are still banned. The law sunsets on December 31st 2012 for evaluation.

Montana FWP Seeks Halving Bitteroot Wolf Pack

Under the Endangered Species Act states can petition the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to remove wolves if it can be demonstrated that they are unacceptably impacting elk or deer herds. Montana, like Idaho in that states "Lolo" zone, will seek to have 12 wolves removed from the West Fork of the Bitterroot.

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