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New Colorado State Rep Wants to Allow Early Bear Hunting

Colorado residents will remember that in 1992 voters banned early black bear hunting seasons. Since then the increasing black bear population, has caught the eye of Rep-elect J. Paul Brown a recently elected Republican from Ignacio. According to a brief statement in the Durango Herald, Rep. Brown intends to introduce a bear hunting bill in the next legislative session.

Washington Offering Prizes For Reporting

This year the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is requiring hunters to file different reports for general season and special permit hunts. In order to improve reporting they are definitely taking the "carrot" instead of the "stick" approach. According to the Tacoma News Tribune Washington hunters that file reports have a chance at winning one of nine 2011 special hunting permits.

How Many People Does It Take to Save an Elk?

Elk are big as anyone who has had to pack one out will attest too. Now try moving a live elk trapped in freezing waters. This happened recently in Bend Oregon as reported by and Edmonton Alberta as reported by Global Edmonton.

Sheep Numbers Down Along Montana's Rocky Mountain Front

Looks like more bad news for the bighorn herds in Montana. reports that initial bighorn sheep population counts along the Rocky Mountain front have shown a significant decline this year.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Reintroduced to Big Bend

Desert bighorn's once roamed western Texas but the last of them were gone in the 1960's. However with help of conservation efforts, this year marks the first year that bighorn's will walk west Texas again. The has a write up and pictures of a new effort to introduce 29 desert bighorn's to the Lone Star state.

Hunters Say New Mexico Antelope Draw is Unfair

If you spend enough time going through western hunting regulations, you'll find a myriad of ways to divide tags and manage wildlife. One system that is drawing criticism is New Mexico's method of allocating pronghorn tags. High Country News is running a good article on how the draw works and why some are critical of the process.

Utah's New Mule Deer Regulations Draw Fire

Utah recently passed the most sweeping changes in the states mule deer regulations in over two decades and will go into effect in 2012. While the changes are significant, not everyone is happy with how the regulations were developed or who they benefit. The Salt Lake Tribune is running an in-depth article on the regulations, the Utah Wildlife Board, and Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

Group Plans to Sue U.S. Over Gray Wolf Range

Apparently for some the gray wolf's range in the lower 48 states needs to be dramatically expanded. According to USA Today, the Center for Biological Diversity intends to sue the Interior Department for failing to develop a comprehensive wolf recovery plan for the entire lower 48 states as required by the Endangered Species Act.

After 24 Year Wait Hunter Takes a Michigan Bull

Good things really do come to those that wait. has the story of Bob Beute posted that details his 24 year quest to hunt a bull elk in Michigan.

Kansas DWP Verifies Mountain Lion Sighting

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks has verified another mountain lion photographed by trail camera. The current cougar was photographed in Nemaha County on December 7th, which brings the total verified mountain lion sightings to five in recent history. The Kansas City Star has the full story.

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