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Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' Law to be Reviewed

Florida, along with about 20 other states have a similar "stand your ground" law. These types of laws were put into place to protect people who felt endangered and then used lethal force to protect themselves. These types of laws give citizens legal protection for using lethal force. Critics of the laws say it gives citizens less accountability than police officers. There seems to be a large shade of grey on what constitutes feeling endangered as well. One could be in a bar fight, and feel endangered.

New Mexico's Changes to Hunting Permits Unconstitutional?

Hunting outfitters from four western states; Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Washington are taking the state of New Mexico to court over recent changes to the hunting permit system. New Mexico voters changed it to where more of the hunting permits would be alloted for state residents. Another push was to make 10% of the permits not available to hunters, except to those using a New Mexico outfitter. Thus creating the legal constitutionality of the matter. The team of outfitters are seeking an injunction and temporary restraining order from the law taking effect.

California Youth Turkey Hunt Will Take Place

Last year a two day youth turkey hunt was held at William Heise County Park in California. For this year's hunt County Officials wanted a less used, larger venue so Santa Ysabel East Open Space Preserve is where this year's youth turkey hunt will be taking place, in spite of protests and legal opposition, it will go on this weekend. There will be about 20 participants, each youth has to be accompanied by an adult hunter. The preserve will be closed to other visitors during the hunt.

Mama Bear Defends Her Territory

A mother bear and her cub have a trap set for them. The pair have become a nuisance in the Seminole County community of Florida. The black bear and cub had made an open lid trash dumpster their main food supply. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had received many reports about this bear and cub. The sow had been aggressive towards dogs in the area, and FWC had come out for the complaints.

Montana Non-Profit to Offer Bear Spray Can Rentals

For most people living in Montana, especially in areas surrounding Yellowstone, they know they have to be bear aware. However, there are many people who come from out of state to the gorgeous offerings of Montana and Yellowstone National Park. So much undeveloped and natural land, but this also brings the dangers of the wild. Last year 2 hikers were killed in Yellowstone, one after coming upon a sow and her cubs twice, and the other is still uncertain. He did know he was in bear territory though, as rangers had warned him the day before he was killed.

Trumps Face More Backlash

After pictures surfaced from a hunting trip to Zimbabwe, Donald Jr and Eric Trump came under fire. Donald Sr. was quick to separate himself from the hunting, but this was not enough for one of the sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice. Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis, who was a judge on the show will no longer sponsor the show. He told TMZ, "I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them."

Idaho's Bonner County Teams with Legal Firm to Delist Caribou

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service placed woodland caribou on the endangered species list in 1984. Now, with fear of an upcoming change to 600 square miles of land in northern Idaho and northeastern Washington, Bonner County wants to remove caribou from the endangered species list. A plan was announced in November for those 600 square miles to be listed as critical habitat. This would change the land and remove any economic possibilities, by restricting the forest access to activities such as; logging, snowmobiling and other pursuits.

Escaped Deer Flees to Kindergarten

A patron at a restaurant in Ukraine released a deer that lived there, from its cage. The deer took off along a roadway and then wound up at an elementary school. The deer is used to being fed by children and seemed to follow the children's voices. The kindergarten class thought it was a wild moose and was spooked. Soon the owner was reunited with his deer, and returned it to its home.

Minnesota Wolf Hunt Upsets Local Tribes

Mary Favorite lives on the White Earth Indian Reservation in Minnesota. Mary is part of the wolf clan and an elder on the Reservation. When she found out the wolves were no longer federally protected and that Minnesota was planning a hunting season for them, it broke her heart.

Need Money: Why Not Sell Some National Parks?

Selling parts of the National Parks off to cover our national debt was an idea brought up by Florida's U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns. Stearns spoke up about his feelings of selling off the parks when a meeting was held in regards to creating a new trail that would honor the Buffalo Soldiers, a contingent of black U.S. Army cavalrymen. The Buffalo Soldiers rode from San Francisco to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They took care of the area and built the trails that would one day become Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks.

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