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The 1909 Roosevelt African Expedition


Teddy and Kermit Roosevelt atop an African buffalo, 1909. Image from Smithsonian Institution Archives

70-year-old grandma bags pronghorn on her first big game hunt


Dotty Judy of Pendleton, Oregon was doubly lucky on her inaugural entry into big game hunting, first by lucking into a tag then by bagging a beautiful buck antelope.

Calling in the Coyotes 101


Coyotes, via Grind Tv

Celebrity Mule Deer Killed by Poacher


(Image via Twin Falls Times-News)

Stepping up your food protection from Yogi while in the woods


Time spent in the great outdoors is almost always enjoyable. In some cases, it is enjoyed to excess, but what is a good camping trip without a few beers? Who doesn’t like sitting around the camp fire, sharing stories with a cold beer in hand?

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