Youth's Essay Wins Him Wisconsin Hunt

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13-year old Trenton Giem has enjoyed hunting since he was 3 or 4 with his dad, and always found it exciting. During his 2010 hunt he was able to harvest a six point buck during bow season and then a seven point buck in the rifle season. No one thought he would be able to top that year, but Trenton believes this year he may have.

Rugged Cross Outdoors, is a Christian organization that works at getting youth outdoors. They sponsored a contest, where the winner would win a hunt in Wisconsin. Trenton had to send in his report cards and an essay on how he would change the world to enter the contest.

Trenton won and during the second week of October, he and his father and the group leaders headed to a farm in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.

It was interesting. There were a lot more deer than in Michigan, and it was really hot,” said Trenton.

On the first day of his hunt Trenton harvested a doe. The second day at dusk, Trenton saw a six point buck but didn't want to shoot since it was getting dark. His father told Trenton "Don't move," as a seven point buck came by. The buck was about 3 yards away eating acorns. Trenton and the rest of the group had to sit quietly until the buck moved into a position where Trenton had a shot. He got the buck, another good season for Trenton! From


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These kinds of youth hunter

These kinds of youth hunter programs are great.  And bonus he gets to harvest a buck too.  Most of the time, youth hunts are for does, not bucks.  We see a lot of these programs already, but more are needed.  From small game and birds to big game, we need to continue to encourage our youth to get out and hunt.

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A big congratulations and a

A big congratulations and a great job to this young hunter. I didn't get my first buck until I was around 19 years old so this is quite an accomplishment in my book. And winning this hunt by writing a great essay and keeping his grades at school where they needed to be is even better. It would be interesting if we could read his essay that won thid hunt for him as well.  Three bucks at thirteen years old is amazing. I wish I had had that much opportunity when I was his age.

teh only thing I don't get is how it was too dark to shoot the first buck he saw but then several minutes later was able to to get the shot in this one, maybe because it was so much closer? Anyway regardless of the situation it's a great hunt and well deserved for this young hunter. Congrayulations again on a job well done all the way around.

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  OUTSTANDING!!!  Congrats


OUTSTANDING!!!  Congrats Trenton on a fine harvest AND for creating the essay that won the contest providing the hunt.  Well Done!!!

Any youth program that provides that outdoor interaction focus is a great asset to the community and to hunting in general.  My hats off to Trenton's father, Ryan, for introducing the boy to the sport of hunting and for his Christian parenting.  My hats off also go to the Rugged Cross Outdoors organization.  they are a non-profit organization that serves as the platform for their ministry—missions trips to the woods, lakes, fields and streams.  Taking a look at their web site they have several great ministries - working with youth, the disabled, and providing venison to the hungry through the FHFH organization.  Here is their web site for anyone intersted...

This is a great article and thanks BGH for providing it to us.